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Seeing someone who's HIV+, I am not
arlingtonitguy posted:
Hi all, I have been lurking here on the boards and wanted to say Hello! and ask a question. I have recently started dating and met someone who immediately disclosed his HIV status within the first few minutes of talking. I am not hung up on such things and we seemed to have hit it off. My question is, as someone who's never dated anyone who is HIV+ before, what are the risks and activities that we should be concerned about, beyond the obvious. I have read about the extreme low risk associated with kissing, and I am not concerned about touching or holding hands or any of that, but are there any other activities (oral sex) that I should be more cautious of? Anyone have any experience or advice? I am going to talk to my Primary Care Physician on my next visit since he is an HIV specialist in addition to his general practice, but wanted to see if anyone else had any advice. Thanks for your responses!
Thyestes responded:
As a retired former army officer and college professor, my advice won't be based on medical sciences, but on a "living dangerously life." It will be like enlisting in the armed forces, and you might have a rough and disciplined [HIV-wise> life, or you may end up in a body [HIV> bag.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear ArlingtonTGuy, Welcome--I'm glad you asked. Here?s an article on Understanding HIV/AIDS Prevention that may help you. I'd also suggest checking for information at any local GLBTT center, or a public health center. We also have two AIDS/HIV boards where you might find support. The first is AIDS/HIV Living Day to Day, which is quieter and AIDS-HIV Questions Member to Member board, which is busier. There may be others there in your same situation. Best wishes, Byroney

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