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pierce tongue
luck123 posted:
:grin: wth do yall lesbians think about a pierce tongue does the stimulation feel good : :cool: or does it make a difference . thinkin about getting it pierce ths weekend for my girl birthday night celebration on may 23 :cool:
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear luck123, I have heard both positive and negative reactions. A few things to think about is if it doesn't heal right, then oral sex is not going to feel good for you. Another is whether or not your job will allow it. I know several people who removed their tongue piercings because of lisping. Others I know, change their jewelery all the time and seem to like it. The expert word on Tongue Piercings and Grills is not at all positive. The dentist interviewed cites infection, speech issues, cracked teeth, and built up calcification on the teeth because of excess saliva. Hopefully someone else will post with a personal experience to share. Let us know what you decide! Byroney
alphatitan responded:
well i guess it depends on how you treat it NB. THERE ARE DIFF STYLES you don't have to use a metal ball one that will chip your teeth there is the rubber one. mostly though it all depends on how you care for it. which is easy if you are a hygenic person :goofy: mines heeled perfectly and there was no sweat i wear a diff ring every day to match the colour of my outfit. after the swelling goes down your speech will be normal as before most persons won't even know it's there unless it's the shiney one or you show it to them :pbpt: go do your stuff
lifer0727 responded:
If you are planning on getting your tongue pierced that weekend and preforming oral sex, that will not happen. French kissing and oral sex are not advised while your piercing is healing. For more info go to
ilovelynn responded:
i am a female and i dated a guy with a tongue ring and it was the best i loved it- do it she will love it!!
3point14 responded:
To feel the piercing, which is usually towards the center of the tongue, you'll need to be...uhm...pretty vigorously going at it. At that point, it will feel good with or without the piercing :) That being said, a vibrating tongue ring is awesome, but you'd've needed to have gotten it done months ago because the vibrating rings are NOT reccomended for new piercings.
latrice09 responded:
Dear luck123 Well i have i tongue ring in my wife love it.But you have to know how to use it lol.But go ahead in try it.
Shanee09 responded:
well im a chic with a pierced tongue for the last 4 years. it took about 8 -10 weeks b4 i officially healed. it hurts alot after its done that while he's piercing it! then again i have low tolerance 4 pain, but you must wait few weeks 2 even attempt to do something sexual. I never had a man go down on me with one but a girl did and its quite nice if you have any good oral skills... good luck have fun be safe!
Handytim responded:
I had someone go down onme w/ a tongue piercing....felt GREAT :grin:
YumiChaz responded:
well i have a tongue piercing. well i was happy that the time it toke to heal was short. my boyfriend thinks its the best thing in the world. and i am a bi. i did it with it a girl before and she loved it. she kept asking for more. anyways back to my point. yes you should get one. it might hurt the first week or two. but i do not think it will take months and months to heal. well that is my opinion. -Chaz

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