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messing around with girls...
aquamia posted:
I've been with my boyfriend for over three years and I love him to death, but in the past I really enjoyed messing around with some of my girlfriends. So lately I have found myself fantasizing about being with another woman... I tried to bring this up with him to see if he would be okay with it, but his response was that he would get too jealous and that the only way he would consider it would be if he could be involved too. I am scared to do something like that because I think it might damage our relationship. I, in no way am considering leaving him or do I want to be in a serious relationship with another woman... I just feel like I have a purely physical desire to be with another girl. Is it unfair of me to ask for this?? I know some people will say that messing around with a guy or a girl is the same thing, but I truly feel like two girls messing around for fun is completely different. Please help.
3point14 responded:
It doesn't matter how I feel about it, how other random people feel about it, or unfortunately how you feel about it. Your boyfriend has already said that he would not be cool with it unless he was participating. So therefore, it's not going to happen for you unless you either let him participate, dump him and get someone who won't mind, or lie to him and do it behind his back. It is unfair. You are asking him to acquiese to something sexually that he is uncomfortable with. If you want to be with a woman so much, but basically use them as a sex toy, why not just watch some girl-on-girl and use a toy on yourself?
purple157 responded:
"I am scared to do something like that because I think it might damage our relationship." -- that says you shouldn't do it right there. "messing around" with anyone - guy or girl - while dating someone is called Cheating. Unless you can get your bf, whom you "love him to death" to agree to this, I would just leave a fantasy a fantasy.
Handytim responded:
for a lot of people, sexuality is be explored..watching FF films or toys would feed the fantasies I love different combinations :smile:
Handytim responded:
Im in a male LTR, and STILL fantasize about the girls I dated in college..

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