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wannabesafe posted:
i am dating a beautiful woman who is my rock and would do anything for me. we started dating in july and decided in the beginning to take std tests before sex. well, when i went back for my results, i was shocked to learn i had herpes :crying: i had never had an outbreak and was confused at how this could happen to me. the virus had to come from my ex-girlfriend who constantly cheated (hence the reason why she is an ex) because i had been tested before her. i had to tell my new found love who didnt have it(probably the hardest thing i had ever done) that i was now a "walking plague". to my surprise, she decided to stick by my side. we find other ways to please each other sexually (grind time) its not as wet but definitely safer. we dont use the same fork or carmex. we dont kiss after brushing our teeth or when we have cuts in our mouths or lips. we watch what we eat. but sometimes she makes me feel low. and i know im the reason why this whole thing is an issue, but now 6months later things are getting stressful and i find myself wishing she had herpes too. i want her to feel safe around me while living a somewhat close to normal lifestyle. is there anything else i can do? someone please help me, it seems like i can only find info on heterosexuals with stds :pbpt:
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear wannbesafe, You can probably get pamphlets geared toward the GLBTT community at your local gay and lesbian center. Perhaps you should see if there is a support group you can join? Perhaps some counseling or therapy would be helpful? Remember that your disease does not define you and the wonderful person you are, unless you allow it to. It is one small part of who you are, and if you continue to stress over this, it can't be good for your relationship. You can chck out nurse Terri Warren?s Herpes board, also the Genital Herpes Living Day-to-Day message board for more help and support. Hopefully you'll get some responses here, too, from folks who've been in your situation. Yours in health, Byroney

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