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Happy New Year!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Best wishes for a Happy New Year! I thought you might enjoy this slideshow with the Top Ten Health Stories of 2009. This included Octomom, Acetaminophen dosage, unpopular new mammogram guidelines, H1N1, and the passing of a number of celebrities. Check out Dr. Rod Moser's blog for the Medical Darwin Awards. Just how do they go to the bathroom in a long distance bike race? You've heard of May-December marriages, but what do you call a 17 year old and a 112 year old? How about a bank robber who has an oxygen tank? Take a look and read these stories and more. Then you can check out a few more blogs that might be of interest: LIFE WORKS ? TEVIS TROWER--Meaning, Power, and Spirit in the New Year The important spirits at a party aren?t the ones in a bottle; a New Year?s message with value throughout the year. HEALTHY RECIPE DOCTOR ? ELAINE MAGEE--Soy Eggnog?That Can?t Be Good, Right? Elaine tastes soy-nog. HEALTHY RECIPE DOCTOR ? ELAINE MAGEE--What Happens When You Invite The WebMD Recipe Doctor To Your Cookie Party? Intro to a cookie makeover series. HEALTHY BEGINS HERE--How to Grow Organic Food Indoors If you can grow houseplants, you can grow organic herbs and produce indoors too. HEALTHY BEGINS HERE--10 Tips to Detoxify Your Diet If you plan on taking better care of yourself in the New Year, here are 10 tips to help you towards your goal. CHILD HEALTH 411 ? DR. ARI BROWN--New Year's Resolutions Healthy resolutions for the entire family. ALL EARS ? DR. MOSER--Birth Rate Rising Among Teenagers Rod?s take on teen pregnancy, condoms, birth control, and talking to your kids about sex Cheers to all for a wonderful 2010! Byroney

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