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asking a friend?
curiousmale posted:
im 20 years old bi-curious male and i have a male friend that i think is really hot, he told me i can talk to him about anything. i want to tell him im bi curious and also wouldnt mind making out or going down on him. what should i do? should i tell him that im curious or just leave it as is?
Nieciedo responded:
Wow, that's a tough one. It seems to me that such nonchalant sexual encounters between friends only seem to happen in porn. Also, sex changes a relationship. From my experience, it is far easier to start with a sexual relationship that can develop into something deeper than to add sex to a platonic friendship. Also, for things like this to work out in a mutually satisfactory way it has to be spontaneous. Otherwise it can seem contrived. Another thing to consider is that while you are attracted to him, he might not be attracted to you. He may like you very much as a friend but not as a sex partner. That's normal and fairly common. I guess the trouble is that I don't know this guy. Is he gay or bi himself? Has he given you any indications that he would be open to sex with you? It may seem lame, but perhaps the best course of action would be to lubricate the situation with a few drinks. When inhibitions of have lowered, who knows what might happen. Dan
curiousmale responded:
thanks dan, he is straight and he doesnt drink, but i have a fealing even though he told me i could talk to him, i asked him about a circle jerk, which was a discussion, and he said hell no. and when i asked him about if he had and gay thoughts like that guy is hot, which was also another discussion, and he also said hell no thats somthing a gay dude would do. so even though he told me i can talk to him about anything i feal i can, and that is why im lost!
KBlack2595 responded:
well there your anser right there he told u 2 difrent times he has no intrest in men what so ever other than ass freind so i may or may not tell him your bi i know with me i have told guys i am gay who i thought they would have ben gay bashers or totaly disliked gays so u u have to find out is he cool having a gay/bi freind or would he cut u off if he new u liked men and far ass sex i would probly say theres a 95% chance i wont happen with him evan if hes so drunk he dosent know baic info

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