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anal sex?
curiousmale posted:
Im a 20 year old curious male and was wondering what it feals like to be the bottom and if it hurts? also what would you recomend for me to use to see what its like?
Nieciedo responded:
I'm 30 and have had plenty of experience at both ends of the deal. Bottoming can hurt if you're not prepared. The pain usually comes from not being relaxed. If you relax and if you spend a good deal of time with foreplay, getting loosened up with fingers and plenty of lubricant, things go much easier. When the top is inside you and you've had some time to get used to the feeling, it feels great. There's the psychological aspect of having this man you're attracted to inside your body. Then, there's the feeling of being full and so intimately close to another man. Then, there's the sensation as his penis stimulates your prostate, which feels amazing. I've had bottoms who have had orgasms just from the prostate stimulation alone without having to touch their penises. If you want to explore anal stimulation, go to an adult store and buy a dildo or a butt plug -- start off with something pliant and not too hard. Use plenty of lubricant and then gently try inserting in yourself. You can vary the length of time, where you move it in and out or just leave it, and discover what it is you like.

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