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Don't Ask Don't Tell
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
According to CNN, a plan to phase out the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy should be revealed tomorrow (this is not a WebMD site, and we cannot guarantee content). Do you think the policy helped or harmed gays in the military? Do you think GLBTT service people will be able to safely serve in the U.S. Military once it's gone? Let me know your thoughts, Byroney
Nieciedo responded:
Despite the oxymoron of "safely serving in the military," ending DADT can only be a good thing. It's a stupid policy that achieves no practical good and has caused real harm, both to individuals and to the US military itself (like firing Arabic translators just because they're gay). Other countries' militaries -- like Israel and the UK -- seem to do just fine with gay and lesbian personnel. Even after policy is changed, there is still the culture of the military that will need to evolve for GLBT people to be fully integrated and accepted, but this is a start.

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