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Friday Blog Buffet!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Greetings! I thought I'd pop up some blogs that you might enjoy reading today and over the long weekend. Feel free to sample one or all--there's no charge for coming back for seconds. My favorites are Valentine's related ones. What are your favorites? HEALTHY BEGINS HERE--90 Non-toxic Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine?s Day Roses are red. Violets are blue. The very best gifts are those that don?t harm you. How to Avoid the Sneakiest Sources of BPA You?ll be shocked to learn all of the ways you are exposed to BPA. ALL EARS ? DR. ROD MOSER--Wasted Medical Visits When should you go to urgent care and when should stay home? Short Term Memory Dr. Moser has been meaning to write about this for some time ? but he kept forgetting? THE HEART BEAT ? DR. JAMES BECKERMAN--Sex and Your Heart Sex is good for your heart, but is your heart healthy enough for sex? COSMETIC SURGERY ? DR. ROBERT KOTLER--Foods That Can Help You Heal How you can help your body bounce back after cosmetic plastic surgery. Is Your Plastic Surgeon on Speed Dial? After cosmetic surgery, shouldn't you have your doctor's home phone and cell phone? HEALTHY RECIPE DOCTOR ? ELAINE MAGEE, RD, MPH--Romantic Dessert Makeover: Lighter Dark Chocolate Mousse The most romantic dessert gets a makeover just In time for your Valentine ? and of course, it?s chocolate! Breakfast for Dinner: Omelet Night! Make dinner easy ? make an omelet. CHILD HEALTH 411 ? DR. ARI BROWN--Obesity: Facing Up to It Dr. Brown applauds Michelle Obama?s action plan to do something about childhood obesity. CHOLESTEROL MANAGEMENT 101 ? DR. MICHAEL RICHMAN--Herbal Medicines & Cholesterol: Part 1 Dr. Richman looks at several alternative ?remedies? for cholesterol and asks, ?Are they safe? Do they really lower cholesterol?? EVERYDAY FITNESS WITH DR. PAM PEEKE--SOS! Stop Over-Sitting! Just sitting there ? for whatever reason ? is bad for your heart. Get up off that thing and move! Enjoy! Byroney

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