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New Name for Community
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Dear WebMD Members, We?ve been providing you with tidbits about the new features that are coming, and we?re excited to finally announce the name of our new community service ? The WebMD Health Exchange! The WebMD Health Exchange will offer you a highly interactive and enhanced community experience that will help bring you closer to more health and wellness experts as well as others like you. In addition, The WebMD Health Exchange uses structured Discussions, Tips & Resources to gain valuable insights from the community and surfaces the conversations members find ?most valuable? by measuring activity within those conversations. We?re putting the finishing touches on WebMD Health Exchange now, and we?ll be ready to debut in a few weeks. Here are some of the new features you?ll find: Ability to create your own public or invitation-only spaces to connect with others Easily bookmark Discussions that interest you, with optional email alerts to keep you up to date Create your own polls to see how others feel about issues that are important to you Share Tips and Resources, rate the most helpful, and find them at your fingertips. Create a specific profile for each Exchange you join so others can learn more about you and you can learn more about others Get feedback and read Tips from more experts than ever before Expanded Expert Guidance WebMD message boards already feature a group of outstanding professionals who provide insights and support. When we roll out the new Exchange you?ll still see those familiar faces ? as well as a host of new experts joining our Exchanges to provide feedback on topics like arthritis, skin care, patient advocacy, and beyond. More Than a Message Board In Exchanges you?ll be able to do more than post a Discussion. You?ll also be able to post Tips and share helpful Resources links that you?ve found around the Web. You also can create your own polls and view the results as others chime in! What about your current board posts? Don?t worry. The information posted in the last year on our boards will not be lost. In the coming days we?ll share how to find the content of your favorite message boards in the new WebMD Health Exchange. Not only will you find the topics you enjoy on our boards today, but you?ll also be able to create your own unique groups on the topics of your choice! The Exchanges you create can either be public or private enabling you the control you?ve requested. Save Your Persona! You?ll want to save your My Persona/Profile information to a document on your own computer system. This information won?t be saved by WebMD, and won?t be accessible after the new platform launches. By storing your persona, you can use it to populate your NEW Exchange Member Profiles. Also, any images that you upload to your current Persona page will not follow you to Exchanges. Be sure to upload an image to your Registration Profile (see more below) page so you will have your chosen image in place when the new WebMD Health Exchange launches. WebMD Profile Photo Upload Sweepstakes You will now visit your Member Account Page (find it by clicking on the My Account link on the upper right) to upload and change your Profile Photo. This photo or image will follow you wherever you post within the WebMD Health Exchange, enabling you to be a highly visible Exchange member. Uploading your profile image will also enter you in WebMD?s monthly Profile Photo Upload Sweepstakes, where the grand prize each month is $1000 cash! You can change your photo out each month to re-enter the sweepstakes. If you enter or change your profile photo or image before Feb. 28, 2010 you will be entered into the February sweepstakes. Visit the new Registration Profile page to upload your photo and enter today! The WebMD Health Exchange has all of the features to set it apart as the place where you, your friends, family and others come for information and support. We can?t wait to share this experience with all of you! Be on the lookout for more details soon. While many things in community will soon be new, our staff will still be here to offer you the help and support you need. Be sure to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to us at Yours in Health, The WebMD Community Staff

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