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Welcome to the GLBT Healthy Living Exchange!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Greetings and welcome to your new home at the WebMD GLBTT Healthy Living Exchange!

I hope you found your way in easily. I know change can be both exciting and hard at the same time, so I?m here to help you navigate around and I?ll do my best to answer any questions you have.

Go ahead and jump in and start playing around. Try posting a discussion and adding a poll. Then go ahead and post a tip or share a resource. You can also vote on Tips and Resources as well as the polls.

If you have questions, and I am not around you can visit the new Welcome Exchange where there will be moderators standing by throughout the next week to help. We?ve also put up some information on our Community Blog that you can check out as you wait for one-on-one feedback.

Some Tips: If you?d like to find which board went to which Exchange, then check out Find Your Exchange . You can increase font size by pressing CTRL (or Apple Symbol) and the ?+?sign. Clicking the Discussion Index link on the left sidebar will help you follow Discussions in a more linear fashion. ?Bookmark this Exchange? at the upper right part of the page beneath the house icon, is a good way to find your favorite Exchanges. Once you do that, it will appear under ?My Exchanges? on the left navigation bar. Finally, to watch or follow a discussion, click on ?Watch this Discussion,? found beneath each Discussion.

I can?t wait to see all our familiar faces back in the community, as well as the new ones, and continue sharing the wonderful support we all know and love here at WebMD.

Best wishes,


Your WebMD Moderator

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For my get to know you question, I'm asking "Where would you like to live?"
  • In a high rise in a busy urban setting, of course!
  • In the friendly suburbs, of course!
  • In the privacy countryside, of course!
  • In something unique like a houseboat, of course!
  • In another country than the one I live in now, of course!
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