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Another Man Also
SamanthaRoxx posted:
This gets me HOT also, the thought of my hubby with another guy !! Drives me wild when I'm masturbating. I've started buying more realistic looking toys to share with him and bisexual DVDs Any other ideas to turn him on to it ?? He's not totally opposed to the idea, but won't give himself permission let go of his inhibitions because of being affraid of stereotypes. I think it's hot and I tell him that during foreplay. I've gotten him to take a toy orally and anally, just need to find a way to let him know that I would love to see him going at it with another guy - giving oraland recieving anal.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear SamanthaRoxx,

Another member recently had a question like this. You might want to check it out, too.

If it's something he is not yet ready for, have you considered role playing with him using a strap on? He may never really want to have sex with another man because you have to remember that it is your fantasy, not his.

Bringing another person into a relationship does pose risks, so think carefully before moving forward with it. For some people, it works out fine. For others, it ends the relationship. If you have a therapist, maybe you could discuss it with him or her to get another perspective?

Hopefully someone else will chime in and post with their own experience.

billkidd55 responded:
i would get one of those realistic looking stap-ons and some night surprise him with it and see how he likes that but i am sure the real thing would feel alot better-----have you discussed having a 3/some with a bisexual guy so you could watch the 2 of them or even during the 3-some you could wear your strap-on and bend one over the kitchen table while the other does you from behind

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