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Happily Married Bisexual Man needs your advice...
BiBrady posted:

I am a happily married bisexual man. My wife and I enjoy a wonderful life together - sexually and spiritually. She is aware that I also find men attractive, but does not like discussing it - it makes her very uncomfortable. Out of respect for her, I do not bring it up. I do not have male sex buddies - to me that would be cheating, and I love her way too much to go that route. My sexuality is something that I keep mostly to myself, with the exception of some highly trusted close friends. My family would not understand, and to tell them would create pain that I do not wish to inflict on them. Yes, it's easy to say, "They need to deal with it.", but not at the risk of losing my family that I love with all my heart and soul. Here's what I need advice on - how do I find other men like myself that I can talk to and identify with??? I am not interested in hookups...just a place to feel accepted and discuss issues. Can anyone help me out??


BeckleyGuy responded:

Same boat, email me at

rich1958nj responded:

I completely understand how you feel. I also am a bi-male happily married. Feel free to e-mail if you just want to chat.

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