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So much craziness today.
MirandalovesCalen posted:
Hey c- 19 and Byroney ya'll will never believe the day I done had. First off last night went I got off the computer I didnt sign off right so another person was able to access my account. She didnt do it on purpose I dont think but now I got peeps throwing all kinda s_ at me. Other peeps figured out that we was 2 different people.

This one person tried to start in on me and it really pissed me off cause I aint got no reason to lie about who I am!! why lie? But then she talked about the way I talk! Im not a stupid person I just feel more comfortable talking the way I do. I feel fake tryna talk proper. It aint me.

But I think imma chill out on that board cause I dont do the drama thang. And its supposed to be for advice not for peeps tryin to find something to fault you for.

Im just ranting cause im irritated as hell right now. Too much freaking drama.
Contemplating19 responded:
lol, that sounds very interesting.

A few months back I was a regular member of Couples Coping. And there was a lady there who had someone else sign in under her name.

Well, ONE person said that me and this lady were on in the same because of these reasons.

1) She was 21 (I think) and dating a man who was like 40. And my dad who is 50 was dating a 27 year old woman.

2) She was pregnant by this man, and my dad's gf was pregnant (she has had my baby sister now).

The woman who started the entire mess is/was a woman I used to chat with off of the board. Lets just say she threw a few advances my way... I dodged them like they were bullets... and she hated me ever since.

Instead of people asking me questions, they just jumped on the bandwagon and assumed she was right. Honestly, that didn't sit too well with me because I cared about a lot of people on that board, and I really valued their opinions and advice. They also jumped on another lady named Cjh1203 (not sure why). But, she left as well. But Cjh and I chat with eachother atleast once a day. She's a great lady. Honestly, if I were 40 years older or she was 40 years younger I would still her from her husband. LOL. (Am I kidding? Guess you'll never know)

So, I left the board in a very nice/calm way and didn't look back. I sometimes think about the people on that board. But, the way they acted was very immature and I would just rather not deal with adults that conduct themselves in that manner. Not everyone on that board is bad or anything, but if you attack me and I haven't done anything to bring it on then I'm pretty much done with you.

I hate that's happening to you. Maybe you should remember to log out. lol.

Just remember that humans shall be humans. I left the board because if I returned I would talk to them like they're in high school because that was my last impression of them. But, that doesn't mean you should do as I do. Ultimately, it's up to you. If you can handle it... then cool.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Randi and C19,

I sure know all about how things can blow up online. I'll have my 17th anniversary of being online in a few months and I've definitely learned a few things.

I absolutely detest drama, and I've always refused to be involved with it either online or IRL. Some people seem to be drama-oholics and have flit from one drama to the next or they're not happy.

C19, it's disappointing to hear your experience over on CC, but sometimes people can behave like they're in high school (or worse). It was smart to walk away and it's ultimately their loss.

I expect to hear reports about both your weekends when I get back on the 6th.

MirandalovesCalen replied to Contemplating19's response:
Hey how did your 4th go? I hate to hear what happened to you cause you a good person I can tell by the way you talk. You honest too and you cant find that in alot of guys/women too nowadays.

Im a police officer and I see alotta time when crimes are committed that some people is always out to prove something. And then when it all boil down what you gotta prove to people who make mistakes just like you? Its crazy.

There was only one person who did that everybody else realized that is was some kinda misunderstanding. She tried to post anonymous and I figured out who she was and called her on it. And I told her how I figured out how to see when somebody done posted anonymous.

When I did that she then posted again with her screenname showing, but we got into a lil spat. Im over it now cause I know she wasnt tryna do nothing but start drama. And Im too old for that. I was gonna chill out for a season but then I decided that I can just ignore that one person.

MirandalovesCalen replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
You said it Byroney. Like I was telling C-19 Im too old for the drama imma just ignore her when she on board. I do this to people when I dont care for them. I just act like they not there, less drama.

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