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Man it hurts like hell
MirandalovesCalen posted:
I just vented on the Couples Coping Board but I had to come here too.

Byroney and C-19 I am really freaking hurting right now! I miss Calen yeah I know its stupid but I do. And I still love her I wish I could stop but I dont know how to just erase her from my mind!!

I know we not good for each other, but dang I wasted 8 years and gave everything in me in the relationship and I came out empty handed!! I dont wanna see her when I go out cause Im scared imma see her with somebody else. I dont even wanna think about that!

I just wanna get over my brokenheart and stop loving her.
MirandalovesCalen responded:
changing my screenname guys so heads up.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Randi,

It's not stupid. After eight years, your heart isn't just going to stop missing her. Also, when think back, we can tend to remember the good things, and gloss over the problems if you're not careful.

Right now it might seem like a "waste," but hopefully down the road a bit you'll realize what you learned about yourself and how you grew. You might want to talk about a therapist about your feelings and discuss what you can do to prepare yourself if you see Calen out and about with someone else.

In support,

RandilovesRandi replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanx Byroney.

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