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    What is Your Biggest Health Care Challenge?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    What is the biggest challenge you face in providing health care for your family?

    Is it money? Time? Finding the right coverage? Perhaps a pre-existing condition is getting in the way?

    Share your story! And, if you had a health care challenge that you overcame, tell us how you did it.

    MELISSA4U responded:
    dear byroney;
    hello, i am new to this board , and to web md.
    i have alot of issues with health care challenges....
    first, i have heart diease, cad,copd,asthma , arthritis,cva , which led to me having right sided hemiplegia. to name a few of the health problems i am dealing with.
    i am also trans.
    i am finding it very difficult to find an supplemental policy that does not ask alot of health questions...., as they will rate me, when they do , so i dont even apply , especially when i talk to the agents, and they do admit that they would charge a higher premium that i can afford. i am on social security disability, and far from rich.
    i was the victim of gender-related violence from a couple whom are in the military, and even caused so many problems for me , 12 hrs after i had surgery on heart, this couple harrassed me continually over a 2 week period to the point i wound up having the same surgery again.
    the income supplement i had was from when i am selling cosmetics , skin care,perfume, and colognes. i lost my customers due to this couple threatening my customers.i abandoned my home that i owned, and fleed for my safety.
    then i wound up getting chased around the united states , being chased a total of 36,000 miles due to the continual threats of this man.
    when i tried to return to california, i wound up getting injured again, which left me using a walker instead of a cane like before.what is sick is that the law enforcement would not assist in putting a stop to the harrassment,and enforce california hate crime laws, and some of the other hate crime laws on the books.what is the good of a law,if it is not enforced?
    so far , i am staying in a safe house, but i am finding it a problem to find insurance, and i am not covered by any state programs,and i will be facing the co pays of the drs, and the co pays of the meds....on my own...which is terrible, as i will not be able to keep up with the cost of health care for me.
    pre-existing conditions are a real problem for me....
    i have no idea what to do.
    what is odd is i make approx 700 a month...and they said i was making too much to get any state assistance...which i thought was real dumb.
    any ideas anyone?

    i cant seem to get any life insurance or burial insurance without facing questions about a pre existing health problem.
    RandilovesRandi responded:
    The biggest healthcare challenges I done faced is when the economy kinda had a down fall and our hours had got cut at one point and now we aint really got a real decent health plan not like we had before.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to MELISSA4U's response:
    Dear MELISSA4U,

    Welcome! I'm so glad you found us.

    I am very sorry to hear about all of your health and life challenges. I hope you're in a safer, healther place now. If you are feeling unsafe, here is a list of Crisis Resources , which include toll-free numbers for abuse hotlines.

    If you look to the right on this page under "Resources," you'll see a link for Free & Low Cost Health Care that you might want to check out. I'd also encourage you to check local GLBT/T centers and find out what options other members of the community are using. You may also want to look for the local version of the rainbow or lavender pages, which as you may know, are yellow page phone books filled with gay-friendly, often gay or woman-owned and operated companies.

    You may have already seen these sites, but and Heartcorps might have links to health and life insurance options. Finally, you may want to take a look at to see if they have suggestions on what programs you may qualify for, or check locally for a legal or disability advocate to assist you (These are not WebMD sites and we cannot guarantee content).

    In support,

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to RandilovesRandi's response:

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of companies are doing what yours had to do. Then of course if the economy gets better, will your company bring back better health insurance? Probably not is what I'd guess.

    RandilovesRandi replied to MELISSA4U's response:
    Im sorry for everythang you going through it seem tough right now but it gets better it just takes times, goals, and a plan.

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