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Gay ??????
seniordavid posted:
When I was a boy my friends and I would suck each others cock and really like the fell of a stiff cock in our month. When we got older and started to shut cum that was a plus. I have'nt had any sex with a male for over 50 yrs. I wonder what it would be like to suck cock againg and how to find a man to join me?
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear seniordavid,

You may get a better reception if you look for friendship, first. Have you tried checking a local GLBTT community center or paper? They often have a calendar of events, clubs, and happenings that you could check out.

Yours in health,

cdp7238 responded:
Hi Senior David
You sound like me, In my teens I had the pleasure of having oral sex with a friend mine several times. But, it was more than just giving oral, we would actually make love, kissing, touching and just enjoying each others bodies. That was many years ago, I married had children but now I find myself constantly thinking and dreaming about making love to another many. The problem is I found that in your 60's there is very little opportunity to meet someone with similar interest. I have tried Craigslist but am not comfortable with what I see. Do you have any suggestions on how a guy like you and me could find someone.
oldguy2 responded:
Nothing wrong with you enjoying the penis..just finding the man who has one for you to "enjoy" gets more difficult as you age..Join your local YMCA, lot`s of like minded gentlemen there. Respect the "Y' tho, have your fun elsewhere..I found many men who I have fun with at the wonderful "Y"
oldguy2 responded:
Join your local "Y'.. many men are there to find another man to "enjoy"..
oldguy2 responded:
You`re just an regular guy..don`t worry about it..many men suck dick, ,married, st8, bi, or gay..enjoy
oldbiguy replied to oldguy2's response:
I agree - also Be careful of the label you put on yourself today may not fit tomorrow. Sounds like you are Bi - relax and enjoy.

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