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FDA Proposes New Warning Labels for Cigarettes
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
"Nov. 10, 2010 --The FDA is proposing new cigarette warning labels that will be larger and more visible on cigarette packages and in advertisements in an effort to reduce the number of tobacco-related illnesses and deaths.

T"he proposed images are graphic: a thin, sickly patient in bed, a breastfeeding mother blowing smoke in the baby's face, a corpse, and a smoker injecting a cigarette in the arm like a hypodermic needle."

What are your thoughts on these proposed changes?


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It's been a quarter of a century since the labels on cigarette packages have been changed. Do you think it will help cut back on smoking?
  • Yes, the packages should be updated, but it won't help.
  • Yes, the packages should be updated and it will help.
  • No, the current package warnings are fine.
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An_198093 responded:
I know in Canada they already do this, I think though they don't keep people from smoking if anything it's the price!
An_198094 responded:
I know some people will turn a blind eye to the new images, but I can see (and hope) a youth would be more affected by the graphic picture.

It's time for an update and I think it's a good reminder of what lies ahead if they continue with the path they're on...whether young or old.
Rachael67 responded:
When I smoked the thing that would get me to light up most quickly was to see one of the "bad things smoking does to you" ads on tv! Fear would drive me to smoke more than any other measure. If it were aimed at anyone like me, it would not help one iota!

CancerSurvivorBy6 replied to Rachael67's response:
I can see the images of the tracheotomy and lungs being a deterrent.

If a mother is already blowing smoke in her child's face, I don't see how she would mind seeing another mother doing the same.

The other one is just too graphic and is almost fun.

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