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Thanksgiving Fun
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and for many, the start of the Holiday shopping season. I thought I'd share Thanksgiving recipes, tips, and related stories from all over WebMD.

Do you have a Best and/or Worst Thanksgving story to share? Even if it didn't happen to you, almost everyone has one and they need to be aired! Follow the link to post it on the Food and Cooking Community.

Then take a look at Chef Domenica Catelli's Tasty.Easy.Healthy. blog. Her Thinking Outside the Can offers fresh cranberry sauce and a recipe for Brussels sprouts that aren't stinky! She also has ten tips for a Stress-Free and Delicious Thanksgiving to share. From brining your turkey to setting the table the night before, these are tips to check out.

Do you have some vegetarian friends coming over and you're not sure what to serve them? Try Elaine Magee's Pumpkin Cannelloni for a tasty offering even your non-vegetarian guests will enjoy.

Once Thanksgiving is just a yummy memory, The Healthy Recipe Doctor is ready to help you make sure those Thanksgiving Leftovers are Safe. You don't want your guests don't take home bacteria with their leftovers!

Finally, check out Ron Moser's Family Webicine blog for a funny take on a man who hates shopping. His Black Fridays and Black Moods entry will have you smiling, no matter how early you got up to shop!

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