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randilovesrandi_ posted:
Whats going on Hon!!! I know Ive been MIA for how long now!! Well long story short I got switched to the graveyard shift. While on graveyard I pulled over a drunk driver and he attacked me.

I mean literally almost beat me to death, and he got the satisfaction of breaking my pelvic bone. Im better than what I was. I was in rehab for some months learning how to walk again and do things for myself.

I have a doc appointment to see if Im still able to have kids I may not be able to reproduce now.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:

Welcome back! I am so terrifically sorry to hear of the attack. I was hoping you'd been away for good reasons and certainly not because someone beat you up and broke your pelvis.

Tell me he is spending a long time in jail and you're going to get civil damages for everything you've gone through. Having to learn to walk again is something I can't even imagine.

I hope the doctor has good news for you from a reproductive standpoint. I'm sure you could use some.

Take care of yourself and write back when you can,

randilovesrandi_ replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
I missed you Byroney!!!

While I was in rehab I gained back my self confidence cause I had to start my life over. Alot of the staff there didnt wanna fool with me cause I was so negative.

I didnt wanna eat cause I was depressed. I didnt wanna learn how to walk again cause I was depressed all I wanted to do was just lay there and slowly die. It felt like I was already dead anyway.

The prick who attacked me is locked up where he should be. I still wanna know what was it that night. Ive had a drunk driver try to take advantage of my being a woman to get away. I aint never had one to attack me like that.

Im so glad to be back Byroney Ive been so lonely!!!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to randilovesrandi_'s response:
Glad you're back, Randi!

You sure showed a lot of courage and strength to get yourself back on track after this terrible experience. I think anyone would be depressed about having to start all over, and like you said--why did he attack you? Of course it makes you wonder.

Good news about getting the self-confidence back in the process of starting your life over. Glad the guy who did this is locked up. If you need it, be sure and check into counseling for support as you move forward.

Enjoy the weekend,


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