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Genderless Baby: What Does the Future Hold?
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
"Is baby Storm a boy or a girl ? Mom and Dad aren't saying.

"Kathy Witterick and David Stocker of Toronto, Canada, have chosen not to disclose their child's sex for the time being, saying that they want to raise their child in a way that he or she can develop a sense of self without the stigma of what might be considered gender norms. The only people who know Storm's actual gender are the parents, siblings and the midwives who took part in the delivery."

Do you think this is a healthy approach to raising children? Or do you think this is some wacky publicity stunt?


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Would children be healthier and better balanced if they were raised genderless like baby Storm?
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Debbie1Lawrence responded:
The key gender marker - a penis, is the WORST indicator of one's actual gender. We now know that many transgender males have biological indicators of lack of testosterone during the first 3 months of gestation. We've even discovered that some have a genetic mutation that prevents their body from processing prenatal testosterone. The skeleton, brain, and even the fingers, are all female, even though there was enough testosterone - later in development, to result in the male appendage.

A very simple test - measure your index finger, then measure your ring finger. If your index finger is longer than your ring finger your body didn't process testosterone properly during those earliest months. If you did an MRI or CT scan, your lymbic nodes and other key segments would be more like a female than a male.

There may be evolutionary reasons for this. In a rural society, men had to be strong, competitive, and aggressive. They had to hunt, fight, and engage in physical combat to protect their families.

In an urban or suburban society, it's more important for people to cooperate, compromise, mediate, nurture, and support each other. A man who beats people up and takes what he wants is considered a criminal and is often put in prison during most of his breeding age.

Even defense has changed. Aggressive males can go out into the battlefield, but the most likely survivors are those who serve in support and logistics. Those who seek the adventure and excitement of the front lines are more likely to be killed, maimed, crippled, or suffer from PTSS that can lead to incarceration or institutionalization. A lower change of breeding and raising offspring effectively.

Transgender babies may actually be a natural evolution resulting from the last 200 years of growing cities and increased industrialization. Where brains, cooperation, support, and service were more highly valued than brute strength.

It may be that the suppression of transgender babies, by allowing alpha males to brutalize them, is actually the unnatural act, because it promotes behaviors that will ultimately lead to institutionalization of the alpha males.

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