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Religious bi-sexual
4BrachaNewcomb posted:
I am a bisexual female and I am part of a religious community. My father is a rabbi, and if I came out I would be ostricized sadly! I have been with woman and had sex with them but never with men. I am wondering if there is any one out there that knows what this is like? I feel very alone

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Debbie1Lawrence responded:
Religion and sexual diversity, either in preference or in identity are often seemingly incompatible. There are the 12 verses in the Bible, including about 8 in the Torah which have been translated to mean that homosexuality is bad.

Of course, most of this is based on relatively modern concepts of love, marriage, and sex. We often forget that during the time of Leviticus, that women were forced into marriage, and their husbands could force them to have sex. It was not uncommon for a 20-30 year old man to be raping is 13-14 year old wife, and that was considered normal.

When towns were taken, the instructions were to kill ALL of the men and boys, AND all the women who had born children (stretch marks). Because these people were likely to try and avenge the deaths of their fathers, husbands, and children. Dressing up a 10-13 year old boy who hadn't started puberty might at lest give him time to survive, to escape, and perhaps avenge the deaths of his family. In Deuteronomy, they were told to kill the boys who dressed as girls, in the same way they would have killed the boys who dressed as boys.

One possible translation of Hagar's relationship to Sarah, Abraham's wife, was that she was Sarah's lover. It wasn't unusual for a man to have multiple wives and concubines, and the wives would often wait weeks, months, even years for their chance to be with the man, but were allowed to pleasure each other. Sarah, being the wife of a relatively wealthy man, would have had a female servant, and would have wanted to treat her well, and the servant would want to treat her mistress well.

This may have been the reason why there was no jealousy until Hagar suggested that Ishmael could easily kill Isaac, at which point, to protect her son, Sara had Abraham send Hagar and her son into the desert.

The children of Ishmael, the Muslims, felt that Hagar was mistreated, so sex between Muslim wives was discouraged, in some countries, forbidden.

My grandfather was a fundamentalist Christian, and felt "If it's fun, it must be a sin". He didn't have a television, and we could only listen to the Christian radio station, and not the Gospel station either, the Moody one.

Needless to say, my mother had to go to great lengths to make sure that my grandfather didn't find out I was transsexual. My grandmother knew, but she was very good at keeping a LOT of secrets.

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