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Grief of Mom and new relationship
ljd36 posted:

My mom passed 8 months ago. She was ill for about 15 years and me, my sister and stepdad took care of her. Her passing was very sudden. Just 2 days before she died, we celebrated her birthday and she was laughing and had such a great time. My bio died also died in 1987, after a long illness. I was 12.

About 4 months after my mom died, I started a new relationship. He's a great guy and very supportive of me. Things were going really well until about a month ago (my bday) when I started to feel anxious, irritable, sad, overwhelmed and unhappy.

In the last month, I've had some good days, but lately just feeling really down and crying daily again. I'm sure it's because Easter is coming up and then Mother's Day.

I have a therapist who has helped me a lot to deal with my mom. However, I'm feeling worse now than I did a few months ago.

Any advice on starting a new relationship while grieving? I don't want to hurt my boyfriend or push someone away but feel myself doing that. I feel like I have no energy to put into the relationship right now.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I hope that others will be sharing their thoughts on this. I haven't been in quite this situation and you're already in therapy (keep going, even though it's getting harder, to help get you through these upcoming holidays) so I'm not sure I'd have any good advice to offer you, but I wanted to welcome you here.

I am sorry for your loss. I do know how those holidays can be difficult. Allow yourself to grieve and don't shut the new person out altogether. (((hugs)))
forevermejme responded:
Okay... well I went through this. I was just starting a relationship and three months later my mom passed away. He was amazing and was very understanding. You have to remember you love your mom and she will always be in your heart and moving on is not letting go it giving. She battled a long time and think she is no longer suffering and you have an amazing memory of her from her bday. You should be happy that when she left this world she left being loved... I know the anxiety feels like you loose control... find something that will help you cope... finding a way will carry its way in all aspects of your life. That relationship I started turned in my marriage and we were together for 6 years, we are now divorced but its amazing how much that relationship helped me...

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