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Just admitted mom to hospital
tiki_mug posted:
Hi,. I am not quite sure how to feel today. A litte bit of history. I am 27 years old. My parents lost their house a few years ago for money problems, last year my dad was taken out of work because of depression and early dementia. My mom has been working.. She has always been depressed, but has never admitted it. She is someone that something physical is always wrong with her. Since i can remember, she has always fought with my dad. She would hit, scream, everything, in 2nd grade I called 911 because she knocked him out with a frying pan. So it was always abusive. I believe she started taking pain meds around the time they lost the house. At the apartment they would just sit on the couch and watch tv 24/7. Never participating in life. My sister and I went in and bought a house for everyone. We didn't want to leave them in that apartment, with my dad getting worse. So we all live together. Even with the house she is on the couch or at work, which she calls in a lot. We realized she was taken Oxi's and Meth, being prescribed to her. She gets in crazy spells where she says she is going to kill herself.. obviously, just a lot of extremes here..
Anyways.. Saturday, she took to much of something and was at work, they noticed and sent her to the ER. There they treated her for the drugs in her system. After a pysch evaluation, where they thought she was fine, but we talked to the pysch and gave the real story. she finally convinced my mom to admit herself. My mom said she hates us, we caged her up:(.. i dont know how to feel. she works at this hospital. I haven't been up to see her yet, but my sisters have. and she looks so vulnerable.. did we do the right thing? can she really get better? even before the pain meds she has always been soo extreme? will she always hate us? will she even make it through this? all i can picture in my head is her sitting there alone.. and that makes me cry.. so much guilt:(
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Tiki_mug,

I'm sure you know that no one here can answer your questions. I am so sorry for all you've been dealing with and the choices you had to make.

I am not an expert in any way, so this is just my personal opinion:

It sounds like you didn't have much choice and that what has occurred is a gift to your mother. Perhaps now she will get the help she clearly needs and that's because you and your sisters made some difficult choices.

Please take care of yourself through this, dear one.

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