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Can a Papa have done more?
TESTIGO posted:
For many years my wife and I have been seperated. During that time, though we maintained a close relationship.And also during that time she had a child from a man who disappeared from her life. I am not able to have children myself, but I always wanted one,I love children and challenge and blessing of raing them in the ways that will leed to life full of wonder and satisfaction.
She asked a life altering situation of me, if Icould raise her son as my very own. If I would be a father to her son. I gave I't much thaught and decided I would, but that we would be honest with him about the situatiation as soon as he was capable of grasping the significance of it all. Over seven years have passed and many red flags have poped up. that I've blinded myself to even thought the pain they would cause me I was willing to suffer for the good of "My Boy". The point is all along she was deceiving me because she knew I would take care of his needs. Yes my freinds I had been used from start to finish.
Needless to say I've done everything a father could excecpt one thing, not be his legal father therefore I have no rights.
She has twisted his mind and turned him against me, she is evil as evil can be .
I'm not explaining myself well, but when he would see me he would literaly run as fast as he could and yell papa papa and hug me and kiss me.
She took all that away, and I feel as if I've lost my "Little Guy" maybe forevever.
larsstarscanary responded:
Wow, that's a precarious situation you are in. It sounds like you really love the boy.

I would be careful about listening to what other people/friends say about your relationship with your wife. If you and your wife cannot talk calmly to each other directly, could you both go to family counseling and have your issues worked on and maybe resolved that way?

Would you want to adopt your wife's son?

I hope things turn out well for all three of you.


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