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    Your own Funeral
    TDXSP08 posted:
    I am 43 and due to financial reasons i have to arrange and pay for my own death and disposition of my remains,as i am still liking the wounds from losses i recently suffered it is such a difficult thing to fathom. I always thought that i would leave money and requests for certain things, like whether buried whole or cremated i wanted to be in my dress uniform and i wanted amazing grace played on a bagpipe,pretty straightforward but now i have to make all of those arrangements i have to call my former department and company and arrange for a pumper to be draped in mourning bunting to carry my coffin or ashes and its just so hard to think of and wrap my head around .anyone have been down this road have advice or suggestions on how to throw your own going away "party"
    thiamarie1 responded:
    I will be honest with you, my husband and I purchased pre-need insurance 10 years ago. He passed away last month and I cannot tell you how greatful I am that we did this. Everything from casket to service was already picked out. At the time I was so grief stricken that I don't think I could have made a rational choice about anything but because of pre-planning I didn't have to. The only thing I had to do was review what we had picked 10 years ago and buy was a plot. I have my plan already for my children so when I pass, they will not have the financial burden of burying me. So, don't think of it as a bad thing, you are leaving someone with less burden when it is your time.
    AkariMoon responded:
    Well Im only 30 myself but I have a few suggestions for my own as you called it going away party. I think having something set or the start of something helps the grieving family not have to deal with what decisions to make. I was present when my grandmother died. She had pre arranged plots and burial things. But although I did get to witness and experience that it didnt really prepare me three months later for when I had to help make decisions on my own mother. Most will say you never know when your time is up. Its probably best to have something now rather than have them decide later. Though being as I call it still a bit young my tastes might change down the long run. It might be ones best to have a set idea then get started on making it a reality because life is too short and you never know when it might be a necessity. And believe me with all the other little details that go into these things its better to have the list already half way checked off than to put that on loved ones. They are already grief stricken enough.

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