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lost my stepmom to ovarian cancer
kwr61 posted:
It seems just like yesterday July 2011, my stepmom would call
me from down in Georgia where she was living far away from us here
in Indiana not her real home state but where she had made her way
and her life with her 4 children, even though I wasn't hers she loved
me like I was, and for that I will always LOVE her like she was my MOM, this woman was what we like to call the salt of the earth, she was kind, caring, and full of compassion for everyone she would give of herself to the children of the people she worked with when their parents were laid off and couldn't afford to buy them presents for christmas her and her commitee of women would have bake sales carwashes yard sales whatever it took to get presents for the kids, now if it seems like this is a superwoman, then let me tell you what happened: like said it was july 2011 she would call me on Sundays and we would just talk for what seemed like 4ever these conversations were becoming a regular 4 me, then I hadn't got a call 4 a couple of weeks then one day my stepbrother called me he was down in Georgia, strange I thought it was then he told me that his mom my stepmom had been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer (inoperable to be sure) seems she was going in 4 gall bladder surgery when it was found 08/11 I coudn't believe it not my stepmom this seemingly indestructable woman, this woman who could work 10 men under the table, not my stepmom, but sure as god would have it indeed it was, so with all the stength I could muster I went to see her in the hospital, I couldn't comprehend what my eyes were telling me, but there she was looking so pale so weak depleted already, not even having started this journey that would take such a beautiful spirit full of life, so quickly, in a matter of just 1 year, I got the call Aug,10 2012 that if I wanted to see her that i needed to get there ASAP, well she surprised everyone and hung in there for the rest of the week but unfortunately this Superwoman met her cryptonite and its name was cancer on Aug,17 2012 she passed, now here we are trying to pick up the pieces and move forward, not an easy task I know but here I am trying to muster up all the strength I can just to cope, my Dad ran off to Tennessee to his vacation place to collect himself, and, for that I'm not angry, he has to deal with it in his own way I just miss those calls from Georgia on Sunday's

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