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Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
Good news, maybe. Whats your opinion?
bpcookie posted:
Im so excited for my daughter. She might just have a job. Her and her friend were at the mall inside one of those teen clothing stores. The hip kinda clothes, if you know what I mean. The manager comes up to her and asks HER if she has a job, she said no and he said to fill out an ap. and come in tomorrow for an interview. Told her not to change her hair color, which is blond/pink and told her not to change her clothing style. These clothing stores like to hire girls who match the stores styles. It could be a great opportunity for her, but Im also a little leery about the manager approaching her. Im afraid he may be a predator. Just a mother worrying, maybe. But have to be careful you know.

What do you guys think? I should at least talk to her about sexual harassment in the work place so that she knows that he has no right to touch her at all.
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slik_kitty responded:
ok mom, back down a bit. don't ruin her chance at finally getting a job by filling her mind with fears. yes there are predators out there, but just because someone offers her a job, doesn't mean they are a predator as well. let her go to the interview first. be happy for her if she gets the job. then talk to her about harrassment in the work place. most places have you read their policy on sexual harrassment so you know what to do, so she may learn it once she gets hired. just tell her about what to do if such a thing happens, but don't make her think that it will happen at every job she ever gets.

back off a bit and let her take her own steps out into the real world. it's her time to learn to fly and be on her own. you've taught her what you can and can't protect her from everything, as much as you would like to.
fuzzer29 responded:
I agree that IS kinda odd, and feel like it's better safe than sorry, and it sure can't hurt to have that talk with your daughter. I'm sure that if anything DID happen, she would let you know? You two sound very close, and she has a very god head on her shoulders. I would not try to come off as worried about the specific manager, I think I would couch it in terms of her going to work period. I assume this is her first job? If it is, the I would DEF. have that talk with her, but it can't hurt either way. I wish I could have had someone to talk to about this stuff when I was working.
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bpcookie replied to slik_kitty's response:
Yea, she is gonna call me after the interview and I was only going to talk to her about sexual harassment, not badger her or anything. Being that she is my only child and a female at that, Ive always been protective of her.

I was just concerned because he approached her and she wasnt the one to approach him, also he didnt ask her friend. Thanks for your opinion hun. It helps to know what another mother thinks
When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
bpcookie replied to fuzzer29's response:
Yea, it would be her first job. I guess I just assumed that this guy is older, he may just be young, like in his early 20's. Usually managers or assistant managers in stores like that are younger.

I hope she does get the job, she really could use the money and job experience. But I will talk to her, I would hate for something to happen, I would really feel guilty.

I worked for one company where sexual harassment was the norm. They had a policy about it too, but it still happened. Any time a woman would go walking down a hall, many of the dang guys would oogle them, make friggin rude comments. Very uncomfortable and it used to piss me off. Thanks for replying sweetie. muahs
When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
skypper responded:
the job sounds like a great opportunity, i agree in talking to her about sexual harassment and all though too, its good info to have and no job is worth it, let us know what happens
skypper replied to bpcookie's response:
are you kidding me the guys who tried to harass me or say suggestive things were very sorry they ever did, i'm surprised i didn't get fired for assault, but they never reported me of course cuz then they'd have had to admit their part, stupid jerks!!! well after they never ever bothered me again :)
bpcookie replied to skypper's response:
we had a guy at work and his name was Harry, his nick name was Dirty Harry, because he had such a dirty mind. Nothing wrong with having a dirty mind, but its what he did that make me so friggin mad. Any woman who walked down the isle, he would step out and watch her walk all the way down. Just stand there and friggin stare. He had to show all the guys that he was a man by oogling the women. Why do guys have to do that? They think its manly to talk nasty about women. To say things like "Oh yea, I would love to do her, blah blah" uuuggghhh it pisses me off.
When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!

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