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    Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
    Looking Back Again (Maybe Triggers)
    Anon_1109 posted:
    After the very mention of Sandy Hook has disappeared from the headlines, Obuzzma has paraded the survivors before the public in singing at the Super Bowl then callously bragged that he enjoyed skeet shooting at some hidden Presidential hideaway. Even a required photograph(?) displayed, as the master of vacationeering holds the weapons to blame for social atrocities.

    Consider the recent history of shootings in America has another misundrstood similarity. I'm talking about the treatment (or lack thereof) of mental sufferers. This topic is too important not to be discussed by folks like ourselves, here, where it counts, and not left for the media to lock in the closet.

    In the eighties, the government loaded up the pharmacies and sent the danger into the streets. Would be paitiets were sent out to fend for themselves. Please let's not let the discussion of this topic die and easily as the victims have. Your opinion counts for here is where the perpetrators are also the victims.
    jselleck responded:
    Totally agree!!!! A social worker told a group of us "inmates" at the hospital I was staying at, that the best thing we can do for not only mental illness but any illness is for those for have actually experience not only living with it, but caretakers as well, to stand up and say "This is who we were, Not all of us are crazy nut job wackos." (My words sorta, but you get the idea.) It's up to us to advocate for changes to mental health laws and standards of treatment. Just like people like Michael J Fox has done for Parkinson's, we need to do for our own conditions. The media sure as heck isn't gonna do it. Stand up and take a stand for yourself!!! Write your state and federal congress man or woman, local politicians, who ever you think can make a difference. As the gays say, "We're here, We're proud," You CAN make a difference.

    Anon_1109 replied to jselleck's response:
    These media stories seem to be cyclical. First, blame the gun, then the shooter, then discover the perp has a mental illness, then, his mother hated him, then he incinerates himself in a mountain cabin.

    Jeezus, Hollywood produces another horror story based on society's fear of Dracula, Frankenstein and any other neglected emotional misfit.

    It's high time we just cut the corner and call the News Networks to blame for promulgating social fear hysteria.
    bpcookie replied to Anon_1109's response:
    More help for those who need help. But how can we get the help that we need when health ins. cost FAR too much? How can we buy our meds when the meds cost FAR too much? The meds cost FAR too much even when you have health ins. Its ridiculous and something that the gov. needs to fix. Some ppl have to choose between eating or getting their meds.

    Also Obama (hypocrite) , I could go on and on all day long about him and the mess that he has created. If he keeps going in the direction that he is heading, our country will be broke and totally screwed (more than it is already) and we will all have to move to Canada or Mexico.

    May I also add that the FDA and DEA and who ever else has totally screwed this up for chronic pain sufferers. It will end up being, no pain meds for the patient who is suffering but plenty for the person who is abusing it.
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    dibbits0530 responded:

    Health insurance is the name of the game and medical science took a back seat to the drug companies ages ago. Mental Health issues though complex and deeply rooted are not as complex as considered; sometimes involving many levels, the complexity if studied concisely and consistently are quite affable. Since grants are not as readily and openly given to studies in the field of mental health, much headway is still down the road. Because of ancient stigmas, mental health is for mainstream outsiders who control the ship, an issue that is very scary.
    bpcookie replied to dibbits0530's response:
    Hey Dibbits, so good to see ya.
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!

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