Bactrim and pregnancy test???
num1mom2006 posted:
My LMP was 6/8/09. I started a 10 day regiment of SULFAMETH/TRIMETHOPRIM 800/160 TABS (generic for Bactrim DS) on the 26th of June. I missed one does causing me to take my last dose on 7/06/09. The day my period was due. We have been TTC for 6 months now. And my period is now a week late but I took a test on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. All came up negative. I haven't taken a test since. It is now the 12th and my period still hasn't come. This will be my fourth pregnancy and child. I have several other symptoms which include... breast tenderness. back pains, difference in acne (cleared up just like with other) and besides the missed period I am also noticing breast discharge. The only other time I have ever had this happen was when I was pregnant. So I guess my question is can the Bactrim cause a false negative result? Since Bactrim makes you pee a lot and is secreted in urine is it possible that it altered the amount of HcG in my urine? I know that false negative are fairly common. But what are the chances of taking a test 18 days past ovulation and having a false negative result? I have read everything that I can find on Bactrim but I can't seem to find anything about how long it stays in the system after the last dose or how it effects the urine. Thanks, Connie