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Endometrial Ablation Side Effects
shilliams1 posted:
I could use some help here. I had an Endometrial ablation done in May this year. Before I had the procedure done I looked all over the web and could not find any negative things about the procedure. Everyone raved about it, almost as a cure all. Well I spot almost all month long. The only time I do not spot is for about ten days right after my period until I ovulate, then I pretty much spot until I have my period. Most of the spotting looked like old brown stuff (w/o getting to graphic.) I did not want to go on hormones, I am happy with how I am and I have been on them before and I become mean, depressed and gain weight. So this seemed like the best option. Well it has been three months and I still have a period, not as heavy but it lasts almost nine days instead of the five before the procedure. And now, when I start spotting it is heavier, bright red, almost like a small period and I continue to spot the whole rest of the month. Also, before I would always cramp in my back, had back labor w/ my 3 kids, and I know what back cramps caused by periods feel like. Well the month after I had the procedure the back cramps came back w/ a vengeance and not only is it just during the beginning of my period, it is almost all month long becoming more or less intense depending on where I am at in my cycle. Just for a quick med history, I am 34, it took me 8 years to finally have my 1st baby who came after some hormone therapy, a couple surgeries, three artificial inseminations, and three invitros. She came on the last invitro. I was told I would never get pregnant on my own, 3mo. post partum I was pregnant w/ #2 than had #3 a few years later w/o help. I don't know if it is just me, but I am sure there has to be another woman out there who is regretting the ablation. Should I try for a second time? Should I just have a hysterectomy? What are my options? Thank you for your time, Shilliams
confusedcarr replied to Bulldog82's response:
how are you feeling now? i am contemplating getting the EA done. the doctors have not be "forthright" with this possible back pain that people hear are mentioning. you appear to be the only one that didn't have problems. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
SportyLady3 replied to Bulldog82's response:
I too had a uterine ablation about 4 years ago. Also done in the dr's office. Most everything sounds the same, but I didn't get the lollipops! It was a procedure that didn't come without any pain, but it was something I could live with. About 2 hours after the procedure I was in a lot of pain and wanted to vomit. This was when the medicine was wearing off. I ended up sleeping this off for about 3-4 hours and then felt pretty good after that. I had minimal cramping from that point forward. This procedure is not gauranteed to get rid of every single person's period. There are some who will still have periods, or very light spotting. This is still way better than what we each were going through. It took me about a full year before I wasn't spotting as "heavy" as after the procedure, but now I have to "look" to notice if I have anything at all... and it is only about a wipe or two... might see a little trace for as much as 24 hours. It is so light my husband doesn't even know when I am "having my period".... the only advice I can give those who have already had this done is a) talk with your doctor just to make sure there isn't anything else they need to do, and b) be patient, as stated in my brochure, it does take awhile for the body to adjust to all of this.
Faye1969 responded:
I had a DNC ablation in 2007. I had already had my tubes tied in 1999. So I did not want any other children. I had cancer cells, the DNC took care of that, but here 10 years later in 2010, two weeks ago, I had to have a partial hysterectomy because of my uterus and cervix, once the OB was inside I also had to have one ovary removed. I am only 40 years old. You need to do some research on your family history. My female family has had some issues, not all the same.
Faye1969 replied to Jacqueline321's response:
An ablation does not keep you from getting your period. It helps with the heavy bleeding and terrible cramps. I also experienced these issues for years. I had cryo-surgery, I have had a DNC. Two weeks ago I had a partial hysterectomy. That guartees no bleeding or cramps. I will have to face some of the side effects, but I did keep one ovary, that is a plus. But do not think it is over for you. I had my cryo-surgery in 1997, and my DNC in 2007, then a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. The ablation only helps for a short time. It is not a permanent fix. Dig deep into your female family hystory, it can go back 20 and 40 years, not just recent female family memebers.
Faye1969 replied to Kerrischerubs's response:
A DNC is not painful, I only had a few cramps and a little discharge afterward. I feel you need to get a third opinion on your situation though. I had a DNC in 2007, my periods and the cramping was better, but only for a few months. It came back and I just had a partial hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, they only removed one ovary. The OB needs to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound not a regular one, or a biopsy can catch everything. Get another opinion for your peace opf mind.
Chamorrita45 replied to confusedcarr's response:
It's been one year that I have had my ablation and I have no regrets at all. I've had heavy periods that sometimes lasted 3 months. I have not had a period or problems since my ablation. I guess every one is different. Good Luck!
Chamorrita45 responded:
I would get a second opinion. It's been one year since my ablation without any problems and my periods that used to last 3 months are now gone. I have not had a period for 1 year. I am however experiencing just recently frequent urinations and a little cramping but the urologist said that my bladder is fine and maybe if its around my period time it may be irritating my bladder. I see a gynecologist at the end of the month so standby for results. Good Luck!
Trishdau replied to An_193282's response:
I was actually reading this forum trying to find out if anyone had gained weight after their procedure. I feel like my ablasion was a success story, but my stomach has gotten gigantic. It looks like I am carrying a basketball in my stomach from under the breastbone to my pelvis. I haven't changed my eating habits. I can't even suck my stomach in anymore. Any other big belly stories??
uxbridgegirl replied to An_193282's response:
I had the procedure in August 2007 and have not had my period since. I have gained weight and have constipation. I need to drink water constantly to flush my body or I feel like I'm going to pop. Also, I occasionally have low back pain which is worse around the time I should have my period. I do feel better when I am able to take a long walk then a hot shower.

A co-worker who also had the procedure said since she's not having her period, her iron levels have been very high. She has to give blood regularly to get her levels down. I haven't heard of that situation before, but it's something to keep in mind.
redcheckers replied to Leah_'s response:
I have really enjoyed your information. Now I do not think that I am going crazy. My Left hip has been hurting also since my ablation. It has only been 2 months, I guess I will stop my physical activites yoga and walking for awhile which I already did thanks to the pain. Thanks again for your input.
redcheckers replied to jeremyanast02's response:
Yes I have the leg weakness and now it is into my hip. I guess it should go away in time. I am keeping my fingers crossed
ChrispyL replied to Trishdau's response:
YES on the big belly!
I would also say that I had a very successful procedure back in Dec 09. I had mine done on a Friday, was back at work on Monday and back to the gym a week later and no periods since then. The only issue is the WEIGHT GAIN (10 lbs) I'm only 5-1 so it really shows. At first I figured it was the normal few lbs I gain over the holidays, but when it became a couple more pounds a month, I knew something was different. I work out 4 days a week, watch what I eat and drink, but nothing seems to help. It's frustrating to have no control over this changing body.
Something prompted me today to do some more research. I found several forums. I'm totally blown away with all the other women that have this issue. Why didn't anyone tell us about this major side affect?
Then again, my periods were so bad for so long and when I heard about this it seemed like the only way to go.
I've got an appt next week with a new homeopathic Dr. and plan on giving her this info. If we manage to come up with a natural solution for this, I'll be sure to share it with everyone.
winers01 replied to Millygl's response:
My daughter had an ablation 1 month ago and is suffering severe depression. I am wondering if this is a normal side effect.
Judddie replied to Faye1969's response:
did you have fibroid tumors? my doctor knew I had them and still suggested the ablation. he did both d&c and ablation 2 months ago. when I went back in two weeks after my surgery he said he had found that I have a couple fibroids on the outside and said my period would come back and if they get heavy again I can look at my next option. I really don't want to have a hysterectomy, but I think I will opt for it if the heavy bleeding comes back. the females in my family have had hysterectomies all with different outcomes,so I would rather avoid it.
edfrogz responded:
I also had the EA procedure done in May. I'm 34 yrs old, have had 3 c-sections and had a tubal ligation with my last child over 6 years ago. I read up on it about the benefits of having it done, and kick myself in the butt for not looking more into the side effects of what happens to some. I tried to have the "fan" norvesure done in the doctor office, it did not work, so we tried it in the hospital. Again it didn't work so he tried something else with the metal ball. I only opted for this because periods were running my life and I was getting tired of the bleeding. I have always been irregular and bled heavy. The last couple years the bleeding was getting worse and the periods were staying longer, and it was effecting my ability to work with out having accidents at work. So I opted to have this done because I do not plan on having more children, but I wasn't ready to completely have everything removed by committing to a hysterectomy. So here how my experience goes.
I had the procedure done on a tuesday. I tried to go to work that friday. I went home sick. That sunday i went to the hospital and ended up developing an infection along with a UI. So they sent my home and I started antibiotics. I leaked out pus like discharge that smelled horrible. I have barely had any bloody discharge at all. I have leaked out fluid that makes me feel like I wet my pants. I went back to my doctor again and they put me on a second antibiotic because the infection was going away. It's now wednesday, I feel like someone has stomped on my back and the pain is not going away with any of the pain killers they gave me. I really have a great pain tolerance and I tried through out this whole thing to not use anything, but the back pain and the infection are rendering me completely useless. I sleep alot and feel completely weak from this. I would have rather had everything removed then feel the pain in my back. I haven't been back to work and I don't know if i can do my job 8 hours standing up with this pain. It's so bad it makes me nausaus. I know that this procedure is a blessing for some, but I feel like a went a step backwards then forward.

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