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    Endometrial Ablation Side Effects
    shilliams1 posted:
    I could use some help here. I had an Endometrial ablation done in May this year. Before I had the procedure done I looked all over the web and could not find any negative things about the procedure. Everyone raved about it, almost as a cure all. Well I spot almost all month long. The only time I do not spot is for about ten days right after my period until I ovulate, then I pretty much spot until I have my period. Most of the spotting looked like old brown stuff (w/o getting to graphic.) I did not want to go on hormones, I am happy with how I am and I have been on them before and I become mean, depressed and gain weight. So this seemed like the best option. Well it has been three months and I still have a period, not as heavy but it lasts almost nine days instead of the five before the procedure. And now, when I start spotting it is heavier, bright red, almost like a small period and I continue to spot the whole rest of the month. Also, before I would always cramp in my back, had back labor w/ my 3 kids, and I know what back cramps caused by periods feel like. Well the month after I had the procedure the back cramps came back w/ a vengeance and not only is it just during the beginning of my period, it is almost all month long becoming more or less intense depending on where I am at in my cycle. Just for a quick med history, I am 34, it took me 8 years to finally have my 1st baby who came after some hormone therapy, a couple surgeries, three artificial inseminations, and three invitros. She came on the last invitro. I was told I would never get pregnant on my own, 3mo. post partum I was pregnant w/ #2 than had #3 a few years later w/o help. I don't know if it is just me, but I am sure there has to be another woman out there who is regretting the ablation. Should I try for a second time? Should I just have a hysterectomy? What are my options? Thank you for your time, Shilliams
    Underbmi replied to jeremyanast02's response:
    I read your article that you posted two years ago and wondered how you are doing today with the leg pain. I had the same proceedure about eight years ago and have suffered with the pain in my lower abdomin and left leg since then. Just in the last year it has gotten extremely worse. The pain is not a constant pain. It is a jabbing sensation that runs from the groin area, down the inside of my left leg, to my knee and around my knee cap. Just in the last month or so, it has started surging down to my ankle. Especially when sitting or driving in a vehicle.
    I went to the chiropractor thinking it was my lower back, but have not had any relief. I am going to my family physician this week to find out if there is anything they can do to relieve the pain. Will check back as soon as I know something.
    jfoxrocks replied to reniek's response:
    I had a 2 d&cs and an ablation in Sept. 2010. i still bleed heavy (but tolerable) and bleed for 7 days every 25 days. i have terrible cramping (i never had before) and am gaining weight for no reason! very frustrating, i wish i had not had the surgery. i am gaining a lot of belly fat. i have always been slim and very athletic--this is really a huge disappointment. be careful. thanks for sharing your stories, i was wondering if it is the dr.'s fault (as in not doing the surgery right) or if it just the way my body responded.
    Bren1151955 replied to ATLMarie's response:
    Yes I had a smell right after my ablation. That was about 3 yrs ago now. I have a smell now that I can't explain each time a urinate. It just hit me today that it smelled a lot like my urine did right after the ablation. Finally I know!! I couldn't figure out what the smell was for the past 5 months. I just hope it goes away!! Has anyone else had this problem.
    Oh for those that had pain in their legs before and after the procedure, yes I have had that problem too. I 've really tried hard not to have a Hystorictomy (sp). I just hope I didn't make a big mistake. I know I don't have the long heavy periods and I don't have to have infusions of iron. I'm 55 and still haven't gone through memopause. Well some day I will I've not had but a handful of periods since the procedure. So good luck to all!
    medic302 responded:
    I was so glad to read your post. I had the ablation done in Feb. of 2010. My doctor Who I had been seeing for over 10 years told what a wonderful procedure this was and I was an excellent candidate. well a year later I was still bleeding and spotting all month long and my hemagobin was still dropping. Every time I called the office they wanted to put me on provera. Talk about making you cranky and gaining weight. I also had severe pain and bleeding with intercourse. And the back pain and leg pain and cramping... was worse than with any of the periods I had had as a teenager. I decided to seek a second opinion. My new OB GYN said I had to have a hysterectomy. There is no second ablation!!! Needless to say I was in surgery for three hours due to the fact that my stomach, bowel and kidneys were all attached to the enlarged uterus that had huge fibroids in it. He was able to take it out vaginally but had to cut it up in several pieces to remove it. I feel like I was a ginny pig for a new procedure the doctor wanted to do. I did not have a pelvic ultra sound done before the ablation was done. I also researched the web and all I found was positive feed back! I had a history of fibroids, Cervical Cancer, endometriosis and an enlarged uterus. I had also had a c-section in 1991 where I was cut from my belly button down. All of these things are contraindications for thermal ablation. My Dr. had my history in fact he ordered tests that showed all of these things in previous years. I did not know that i was NOT a candidate for the procedure due to past history. But my Dr. assured me that I was. I did not know that my past history disqualified me for this procedure. So as to my advise to you. Please do not attempt to have a second ablation done. Go to another OB GYN and they will probably tell you that you need a hysterectomy! Good Luck in you outcome.
    Kimbowie replied to hgibson73's response:
    I can relate to the emotional aspect of the procedure. Thought I was a little crazy. I had my procedure done in April 2010, and since then have not had a period, or even spotting. However, there are two things that have changed: I now carry an extra 8 pounds that just don't budge and I now am showing all the signs of depression such as loss of interest in doing anything and everything, irritation with the kids and just wishing they would stop calling my name! This has been gradually building over the last 9 months and the only thing I can trace it back to is post-endometrial ablation.
    Pamsissue replied to Kimbowie's response:
    I had my ablation in December 2010. Luckily, I have not experienced many of the side effects mentioned in this discussion. I never had another period, spotting, or pain (other than the incredible pain immediately after the procedure, gone the next day). My life has improved a thousandfold since my procedure, as I was having the same profuse bleeding as others have mentioned, up to the point of being hospitalized for anemia. I still get some pretty intense PMS symptoms (tender breasts and emotional), but am feeling well otherwise. I do seem to have some abdominal bloating, but am not sure if that is caused by the ablation.
    Background, I was age 42 at surgery.
    chesapeake71 responded:
    My ablation was about 2 years ago. I was suffering from bleeding all month long for over a year before the procedure. I am now reaching 40. I had two c-section births. Although I have definitely lighter bleeding which is awesome, I do have other side affects that I have to attribute to the abalation. Terrible cramps (take your breath type), super emotional PMS and vaginal odor that does not seem to ever really clear up. The month before last I passed a HUGE clot during my menstrual cycle which was alarming, but it would seem that possibly, the blood had accumulated over some time and just finally expelled. I am thankful for less bleeding, but surely a partial hysterectomy would have been better.
    someonewhocares3 replied to chesapeake71's response:
    Unfortunately, ablation oftentimes causes problems due to the scarring of the uterine lining. But the uterus continues to attempt to perform its functions of uterine lining build-up and shedding. This causes engorgement which can cause pelvic pain and menstrual problems. You can read about it here - . Scroll down and click on "Endometrial Ablation."

    Hysterectomy has its own set of adverse effects - physique, anatomy, heart health, sexual function, etc. You can read more about them on the HERS Foundation's website.

    I hope your post-ablation problems improve!
    healthfulgirl replied to Pamsissue's response:
    I am 42; need to stop period now. anemia, possible transfusion, infusion if I don't get iron levels up. Am thinking ablation or IUD. I am scared of procedures, infections etc...How are you feeling now? Is it still good for you the ablation?
    MoesMom87 replied to Underbmi's response:
    Hi, I had the endo. ablation last Thursday at 7 am.....
    stayed in bed all weekend...feeling rough...went to work on
    Monday but stayed off today...cramping and discharge...yucky feeling...I also have back problems and everyone seems to have back pain....great....I would just like to know how people are feeling now after its been a while....
    I read somewhere where it can take anywhere from a day or two to two weeks or more to recover....any more information on how you all are doing would be great....Thanks!!!!!!!!
    Tripsmom1 replied to MoesMom87's response:
    I had my EA on 5/16. I'm sorry so many of you had problems after the surgery. I would like to give another side of the EA. I have had heavy periods since day one lasting 7-9 days. I was recently diagnosed with anemia. I had the ablation done and so far it's been great. I had some mild cramping right after the procedure took two over the counter Motrin and haven't had any pain or discomfort since. I still have some light discharge, I can't wait to see the longterm effects from this surgery.
    kazzy68 responded:
    I had this problem. just permantly spotted, i went to my doctor and had swabs done i had an infection exactly as you described, post op. i had a course of rather strong antibiotics which made me ill for a week, but they worked and am fine havent had anything since october last year i has surgery September

    ablationNO replied to healthfulgirl's response:
    Please, please, please do NOT have an ablation prior to trying the mirena coil.
    I personally was seduced by a leaflet in my doctors waiting room. Had the ablation (April 2008) and had 2 years and 9 months of agony from then on.
    I finally got a mirena fitted (February) and wonder why the heck I didn't listen to my doctor's advice in the first place, who advised the mirena over the ablation but I was so determined - that goddam leaflet......
    . I'd suffered the usual problems such as all the women on this site so by the time I saw that leaflet I was at the end of my tether. Yes, the ablation seemed wonderful to begin with but within 6 months I suffered complete agony each period time. The only way to describe it is as if I had been cut open, had my abdomen filled with bricks and got sewn back up. The back pain was horrendous (probably due to weight of womb with unshed blood), I had incredible pressure on my bladder (same reason). The reason for all this? Basically my cervix had scarred from the (microwave) ablation and my lining had regrown with nowhere to go once shed. My gynae refused to accept this was the case so after a heartbreaking 2.5 years with repeated visits to my original surgeon (who was not at all interested, good old NHS) I finally went to an alternative health trust gynae (female....) and she confirmed what I had guessed all along. One d & c plus mirena later, I am walking on air. Oh, and for all you girls wondering about weight gain? I did put on 5lb initially, my boobs were really sore too but this has settled down and disappeared and the weight has dropped off too. I can finally not worry about periods which are incredibly light with no pain. At the end of the day the mirena can be removed, the ablation is permanent. Please don't make my mistake!!!!!
    Good luck.x.
    1KATSKAN replied to ablationNO's response:
    I had this procedure done a year ago this coming August.
    I've had absolutely no period since, except after the first couple of weeks. I do tend to "smell" an odor from time to time when i urinate. Also the area around my labia minora has turned dark. I had cramps from HELL & bleeding to go with it yrs before......I had the Minera & it helped ALOT with the bleeding & cramps prior to this procedure. I WISH i would have had this done 25 yrs ago.....if it existed then...
    I do mot believe in taking narcotics to keep my pain under control.....I cae to the point where I was tired of the whole MESS.......
    ruralrose replied to Leah_'s response:
    Thank you for your posting! I think you have a wonderful outlook on life which is undoubtedly helpful in overcoming many of life's obstacles. I had the Uterine Ablation procedure done on May 9, 2011. I am 45 with 4 living children and I lost 3 beautiful souls as well. I have had a period since I was 10 years old and they have always been very heavy and very painful. I suffered severe anemia for quite some time and this procedure was necessary in order to reduce or stop the bleeding. I spotted for close to 6 weeks after the procedure but don't seem to have any bleeding or spotting at this time. What I am experiencing is pain and aching. I have intermittent back pain and an actual heavy feeling where my uterus is. It is kind of an odd sensation and somewhat uncomfortable. I also experienced right hip pain immediately following surgery and thought perhaps my muscle was pulled due to stirrups during the procedure. It will radiate at times clear down through my right leg. It seems if I do much bending or movement still it is uncomfortable. I am trying to be gentle and allow my body to heal but I will say that after reading all these posts about back pain and overall pain I am not alone!! In my case I really had no choice in the procedure as my blood iron count was too low for a hysterectomy. Without the procedure I might have died actually. A hysterectomy may be something down the road should the pain continue. I have fibroid tumors on the OUTSIDE of my uterus and my doc performed a D&C prior to the Ablation. He did find a benign polyp inside the uterus which he felt was causing the heavy bleeding. As women, we tend to bear the largest burden of physical issues it seems. There are choices that we must make to protect our health and our families. I do not regret my ablation for this is the first time in over 30 years I have gone without a period. That part is wonderful. The cramping, bloating and back pain is tolerable for the time being. I am hoping to experience menopause soon and be done with it. I wish you all the best of luck and remember to be your own advocate. Research well before making choices!!! Enjoy each day.

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