Passing air through urethra and UTI
nadjjaa posted:
I am 11 weeks postpartum. I had a vaginal delivery with 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing (baby was face up). I had an episiotomy as well but little or no tearing. I have recently been treated for a UTI when I started experiencing pain during urination, which was limited mostly to the end or outside of the urethra. I do not have an urgent feeling to urinate or increased frequency so common with UTIs. I took a round of Macrobid, and the infection did not go away. A few days ago I started Bactrim. I believe I am also passing air through my urethra when I urinate. I hear a WHOOSH sound sometimes when I pee. I don't know if its relevant but I do not have this each and every time, nor do I have the irritation every time. But when I pee it almost feels like the opening of my urethra is "bruised" (which for all I know may be true since I just gave birth). I should note that my OBGYN initially gave me Premarin cream for the problem I've described; I still can't figure out why. My vagina feels strange - all big and weird! It feels like air bubbles get trapped in there, so I am not 100% sure that the air IS coming from my urethra other than I hear the whooshing sound when I pee sometimes. I was initially afraid I'd had a uterine prolapse because it feels like something is coming out of me, but my doctor has examined me at 6 weeks PP and did not say anything about prolapse (could he be wrong?) I am wondering if my symptoms are the result of a fistula, in short. They have only appeared since giving birth, so I didn't think it was bladder cancer or anything like that, but feel free to correct me if there's a possibility I'm wrong! Thanks