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ovary nodule
dollfacef posted:
i was diagnosed with a nodule on the inside of my left ovary what would be the recommended treatment for this? also I have an extreme amount of pain on my upper left leg is what is going on with my ovary the thing that would be causing leg pain and is it something I need to see the doctor for asap?
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear dollfacef: A nodule can be from a variety of sources. In the ovary a nodule can arise from: 1. Cancer---I doubt this is the case with you as you would have been told and promptly sent for more testing. 2. Dermoid cyst---This is a special type of ovarian cyst which can be seen on most types of imaging. Here is more information about dermoid cysts: 3. Endometriosis---This would be less likely to cause an internal nodule, but is a possible culprit if you are known to have endometriosis. "Nodule" is a general term, and its treatment would depend upon exactly what caused it. Please write me back (put my name in the subject line so I can find you) if you can get more information about the type of nodule. In terms of the left leg pain, yes, occasionally nerves in the pelvis can refer pain down the leg. Some women will have labor pains or menstrual cramps down the thighs as well as the lower back. A single nodule inside the ovary would not be as likely to cause pain as the ovary is about the size of an almond. If the nodule is caused by endometriosis then there are cases of endo causing nerve pain. Bottom line, it would be helpful to know more about the nodule. If you are having extreme leg pain then you should see your primary care MD for an evaluation promptly. They should be able to assess for other common causes of severe leg pain (eg blood clot, muscle or nerve problems, etc.) Yours, Jane

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