Birth control and z-pak antibiotic
sunfish820 posted:
I have been using Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 8 years now. I am very good at remembering my pill everyday and while I am in a long term, loving relationship I do not wish to get pregnant at this time in my life. Yesterday, I was prescribed a zpak for a long going sinus infection that I cannot seem to kick. I normally shy away from using antibiotics because I have several friends that have gotten pregnant while on them (and of course being on the pill as well). What I did not think about yesterday is that I had intercourse twice before I began my first dose of the antibiotic. I guess it was me being naive or just feeling so bad that I just was thinking about getting better but i did not think about how it could lessen my birth control that I needed to work that same day! Should I be concerned about this? How long does sperm stay active in a woman's system? My bf who is a med student (and thinks he knows all ;)) says that it stays in my system for 36 hours and I should have waited to take the antibiotic. I would just like some piece of mind if I should not worry and if I should is there anything I can do? Thanks!
Sarita_kay responded:
I just stumbled across your question here as I was doing my own research, and I'm curious as to what the outcome was? I took the z-pak a few weeks ago, not thinking about the interference w/ the birth control pill, and now I'm freaking out b/c I realize I had sex the day before I ovulated, while on the z-pak. I, as well as you, am in a committed relationship and actually have two children already, but I really do not want any more children! I do believe sperm can live 3-5 days, but I think your situation really depends on when you were due to ovulate. I conceived my daughter by having sex two days prior to ovulation.