White strings in stool
majmom0706 posted:
I know this is kinda gross but I am almost 18 weeks prego and being treated for HYPERTHYROIDISM. I have had loose stool for 2-3 weeks now but was just told to take Immodium. My stomach has been upset like I have diarrhea for a couple days but no BM. This morning I had a regular-hard BM with white string-like things in them. I am sorry for the graphics but I am worried. Someone I know said don't worry it is mucous because during pregnancy you produce more. That does not satisfy me and I don't want to see a doctor again if they will just dismiss me after hearing me out. I have to go to military doctors and I have a 3 year old so I don't want the visit to be a pointless hassle. I really needs some educated answers or someone who has experience with this. Thanks.