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Light Blue Cervix?
aluna_85 posted:
I went to the gynecologist yesterday and she said my cervix is blue; and she stated is a sign of pregnancy (which i did not know btw) :ooh: Then she said it wasn't blue, but it was light blue. :confused: She did a urine pregnancy test and came out negative. :neutral: I asked her what else may cause a light blue cervix but she didnt answer my question, and she went on with the conversation about doing blood work. I was cramping all day long, and my breast felt extremly usual before my period. Except when I cramp and have sensitive breast my period comes 2 or 3 days later. I've been cramping for about a week and a half and my period just came this morning, but it was a very liquidy watershish like. 1. What could light blue cervix be caused by if it is not pregnancy? 2. Could it had been the paps mear test that made me spot/bleed? or my period? or since I have light blue cervix a pregnancy spotting? 3. I know my test results will be negative (im 90% sure), my question is why is my cervix "light blue" it makes no sense? Anyone please :|
Nikki0599 responded:
Chadwick's Sign is onyl a possbile sign of pregnancy and pregnancy can be determined just on that b/c it can also be caused by the fact your due to start your period soon. you need to wait for the test results to come back for real answers. hope this helps.. GL
EH_Bubbles responded:
Some one else is going through the same thing as me!! :lightsmile: Okay, I feel better. But with me, they have drawn blood twice and both times negative. My cervix was BLUE. I hadn't been cramping though. I have been sick here and there and then these past 3 days. I had accepted that I wasn't pregnant because the home ones said no and then the first set of labs. I went ahead and made a doctors appointment because I am now 2 months late. At my exam on Monday, she told me my cervix was blue. Went for a sonogram today. Nothing showed up except an enlarged ovary. I don't know what to think now at all...

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