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red/brown discharge two weeks before period on birth control
BoSox3391 posted:
Hi everyone I'm 21 years old and have been on the pill since August 2009 so 7 months. Last week I started experiencing light brown discharge on Tuesday. The next day it became pink and brown. Then around Friday it turned into red and brown. It's almost like I have my period, it's gotten heavier, and I have to wear tampons. I'm not due to get my period until next Monday. In my 7 months on the pill I have never had this happen and never had it happen before. Im also experiencing terrible cramps in my back and front. Even taking painkillers doesn't really help. I haven't had bad cramp since starting the BC either. I have to be honest and say that sometimes I forget my pill sometimes I'm a few hours late or I skip a whole day. I've never skipped more than 2 in a row. Last week I forgot Mon and Tues so Wednesday I took 3 pills. I had sex on Wednesday too. I'm not sure if this is from my BC or something else. I don't want to call my doctor just yet, can anyone help me?
Lost_Liger13 responded:
well i know that brown discharge is old blood
and red discharge is blood
and pink is usually the sign that your going to start your period within the next couple days

forgetting/skipping a pill for a day is ok. if you forget to take a pill one day then you can take two pills the next day. if you forget two days to take your BC you can take 3 on the day your suppose to take it next. If you forget to take the pill for more than 3 days straight your suppose to ask your doctor about how you should continue taking your BC.

other than that im not , maybe you should get an appointment with your GYN doctor. Hoped this helped

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