Is it true?
LoveYorkies posted:
I have been told in the past that you are not supposed to have sex the day before having a pap smear because it can interfere with the exam/labs. Is there any truth to this?

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georgiagail responded:
This is especially true if a condom is not used to contain the ejaculate.

LoveYorkies replied to georgiagail's response:
I'm a little surprised. Do you know why it is an issue?
An_193685 responded:
Avoiding douching, intercourse, and putting anything in the vagina 48 hours before your next test.
An_193686 replied to LoveYorkies's response:
Put nothig in the vagina for a true pap smear result. (24/48 hours.)
FCL replied to LoveYorkies's response:
To be sure that nothing interferes with the samples the doc takes. Having sex without a condom would mix cells from two different people and make it harder (if not impossible) to analyze.
NewGirl2010 replied to FCL's response:
I was told that having sex before a pap could result in an "abnormal" pap result. I am not entirely sure why. My guess is that it simply interfers with the cell sample.
LoveYorkies responded:
Thanks for the replies everyone! I guess Mom was right all those years ago. I just wonder why none of my HCPs ever said anything. I'm glad I asked.