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Gyn appointment and period?
ShivaChi posted:
So I haven't been to the gynecologist for a long time now, due to moves and figured I should get back in. I was hoping to make an appointment for the week after this as I'm having lasik so I have that whole week off from work, but they didn't have any open with a woman that week and I won't see a male doctor(very uncomfortable with this type of appointment to begin with, would be even more uncomfortable with a male doctor). The first appointment they had open with a woman isn't until the 7th of May and at the time I wasn't exactly thinking so I said okay. After, I realized my period should be starting around that time.

So the question is, should I reschedule my appointment for 2 weeks after this one, or should I just go?
Hanafubuki responded:
If you are uncomfortable with the doctor doing an exam while you are having your menses then you should reschedule. You shouldn't have to wait two weeks later unless the office is really booked up, but they will need to do an exam when you go. Good luck.
ShivaChi replied to Hanafubuki's response:
I know they will have to do an exam when I go. The reason I said 2 weeks is because if my period doesn't start that Friday or Thursday but starts Saturday or Sunday, it would be still be going the following Friday.

It's not really that I'm uncomfortable, I thought I had read that they really don't want you doing a pap during your period for reasons I can't remember because it's been a while since I read whatever it was.
Hanafubuki replied to ShivaChi's response:
Yes that is true. If you are getting a pap done, then you should not be on your period when you go. The blood makes the results of the pap smear difficult to interpret and can mask abnormal cells. (I was only thinking about a physical exam).

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