Orange(ish) blood periods?
An_193745 posted:
It seems for the ( i believe) past 2/3 periods I have had an odd color period? seems almost orange when it first begins and then again when it tapers off near the end of its cycle... any thoughts? is this even possible or is it perhaps my mind playing tricks on me? ( i hope so )

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Orange(ish) blood periods?
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NewGirl2010 responded:
I haven't heard of either infection or uti's causing a change in the color of menstrual blood. Do you have any other symptoms? Irritation, pain, discharge (other than your period)?

Has anything in your life changed since you noticed the change in periods? Have you started any new medications? Lost/gained weight? Started or stopped hormonal birth control?
trubeauty_1 responded:
i haven't either. Sounds strange maybe an additional white, yellow or brown discharge causing the blood to actually change.
i know that there's a strep that can cause your body to produce green discharge.
Go to the doctor.