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Strange period type issues
jenny380420 posted:
HI, I don't have insurance so unless it's life threatening a dr is not an option (I am currently saveing for my annual gyn exam, I will be late getting it this yr but I have only missed 1 of those ever).
I do have a couple of preexsisting conditions & medications I'm listing those, JIC any of it is important.
2 bulging discs in my lower lumbar
hemorratic ovarian cysts on each overy, 1 the dr described as about the size of a baseball the other is much smaller
highly recomended 2 me 2 go on hormone therapy at 18 but the $ wasn't there,so BC was used 2 regulate my periods (9-14 days & long, & very painful. I have been on many types of BC since I was 18 (27 now), I am now useing implannon 4 almost 2 yrs (wich I want removed as it has taken my sex drive)

I am currently takeing wellbutrin 150mg 2x daily ( 2 mths)
addorall 20mg, 3x daily ( 1 mth)
clonopin 1mg 3x daily ( yr)
Percocet 10mg 4x daily ( 2 weeks, loratab for 6 mths B4 the perc.)
Flexerill 10mg ( half 2 whole pill as needed)

Implannon has made my periods pretty irregular, it really never bothered me, not haveing a period for a mth or a few mths was nice.I notice that I would still feel a bit hormonal on the week when my period was supposed to start & didn't. A few mths ago I do believe I was early stage pregnant but miscarried I didn't really put all the signs & symptoms together until my period was late, off thinking that they were caused by 1 of my med problems or changing meds ( I had ALOT of symptoms) when I did get my period ( 2 weeks late) it was like nothing I've ever had,random severe cramps, lots of little clots, all sorts of weird things & it was longer than normal, then all the symptoms stopped.

I thought that might be important, since then I have not had anything unuseual, but this mth, I have been severily hormonal, cramping very badly & consitantly, I am also not bleeding at all, not even spotting, this all started on the day I would normally start, & we are at day 9 past start date still cramping & slowly feeling the hormones subside.

Any idea whats going on? Maybe just my birth control & cysts misbehaving?

Thank you, jenny
Buffalowoman27 responded:
Hello, I am a 36 yr old woman and the issue at hand, it all started back in July 2009 when i stopped having my period until February 2010 then I started to spot and pass blood clots. They were not the normal blood color but they were brown discharges. This has been happening ongoing since February 2010. Can someone tell whats going on with me? Thanks Thanks for your Reply!

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