An_194225 posted:
was on the birth control pill estrostep then changed to loestrin last month. i hardly had my period when i got it last month and this month its a week that because of the change of pills?
stemnena responded:
When I first started on loestrin my period was a little spotting here and there and only lasted 2 or 3 days. I don't remember if I ever started earlier. I have been on it now for over a year. Its becoming harder for me to take it at the time I am and with that I might miss by an hour or so. So if you miss taking it just a little you will have bleeding because that is what is happening to me now. I hope this helps!
irishgirl80 replied to stemnena's response:
yes it did help! thank you. i dont take it the same time everyday so maybe that is why. i am supposed to take the brown pills starting tomorrow..should i still take them? or should i just start a new pack when my period is over?
stemnena replied to irishgirl80's response:
I would keep taking all the pills until they all done. Then start the new pack when your period is over.