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Can someone explain what this means and should i worry?
MeSuperSub posted:
I am 13 weeks pregnant and had my first ultrasound last week. I was told that it looks like my plcenta is covering, or growing over the opening of my cervix and I would have to have another ultrasound and get a second opioin. I dont really understand what that means or how serious it may or may not be. What may make my whole situation worse to a point I have had 4 c-sections my last one in January 2010, befor that was in Sept. 2008, jan. 2002, and jan 1998. I was told I should only have 3 c-sections, and 4 was pushing it but five could end up being deadly for both myself as well as my baby. Please help me understand how serious this is and is there a name for it? Does this kind of thing just happen or did something cause it? I search of a better understanding.
georgiagail responded:
I believe someone already answered your question.

What you have is known as placenta previa:

It alone can be an issue for both you and the baby but the fact that you have been told that five c-sections could be deadly for both yourself and the baby adds to an already serious situation.

ksmanning responded:
i have known women to have had 6 c-sections. dr's do not advise it, but it can be done. listen to your dr, and pay attention to the signals your body is giving. you should fine, possible high risk, but fine.
An_194804 replied to ksmanning's response:
Yes, some can but not all bodies heal and not all scars are the same. Other women suffer ruptured uteruses and lose their babies ... and sometimes their lives. Let's not trivialize this, shall we? It isn't because some do it that all can. Her doctor (who is familiar with her situation and history) has already expressed serious misgivings.

This poster was already high risk at 3 c-sections.

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