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Can having a yeast infection delay a period?
An_195115 posted:
I had a yeast infection after having been prescribed anti-biotics after having my wisdom teeth out. As of now, my period is only a few days late, but I'm usually pretty regular. I was on an out-of-state trip, and my period was supposed to come the day we left. Still no sign. I'm a little concerned. My boyfriend assures me (and trust me, I have triple checked) that we've been safe, and I don't think I'm pregnant. I'm wondering if there is a possibility that the yeast infection delayed my period.....any help would be great! thanks!
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Anon: Go ahead and check a pregnancy test just for peace of mind. If it is negative, as I would hope it will be, then by best GUESS for the late period is as follows.

Neither a yeast infection, nor the antibiotics that caused it are likely to have delayed your flow. However, the stress of the oral surgery could be the culprit. Just like stress of worrying that one might be pregnant can delay a flow, so can the stress of illness--or even traveling.

Since you have always been so regular I would expect your cycle to reset itself without any need for intervention. Lastly, if you are on a type of hormonal birth control (eg Pill/patch/ring), the missed or delayed flow is more likely to be the result of the hormones in the Pill/patch/ring. These hormonal birth control methods can cause a period to become lighter over time such that it can disappear.

An_195116 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
This was SO much help. It did end up being about four days late, due to stress, I've decided.

It was nice to know that I'm not crazy...just stressed ;)