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Urethra and Pelvic STABBING PAIN please help me??
An_195555 posted:
I am 21 years old and this pain has been going on since i was 19. when i was 19 i got a UTI and got treated for it. A couple weeks later i was having sex with my bf and i went to sit up fast and had to drop back down because of the sharp pain in my urethra, i went to the hosp and they told me i had clamidia and i must of had it for about a year so me and my bf were both treated then 2 weeks later im taking a bath i get out the tub and theres that pain again so im like ok what do i have clamidia again??? so i end up having this pain on and off for months went to hosp again they couldn't find anything wrong, they treated me for clamidia again just incase but medication never helped because i didnt have an STD, no UTI, no yeast infection nothing they could find, i was reffered to 3 different OBGYN's and not one of them could find anything wrong, I have been dealing with this pain now on and off for over a year and a half, and it doesnt happen all the time, one time it went away for about 7 months and i figured ok maby it was nothing and it was cured on its own... then comes back?? I think the pain is coming from the left side of my urethra, clitorus, sometimes ovary, and if my labia is touch even from underwear it causes this stabbing pain shooting from the inside. When this happens I can barely move, i have to walk very slow and cant let my thighs rub, and i cant take heavy steps, underwear and certain pants make it hurt more, shooting pain if i cross my legs, if laying down i cannot sit up very fast or i will feel that pain down there, need help after sitting or laying down, i cannot bend over to pick anything up, and even when i try avoiding all this activity it doesnt really help because sometimes ill just be laying there and not move my body the pain shoots down there out of nowhere. The pain came back again this summer and it happend after i came out of a swimming pool and lasted for 2 days?? IDK WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO TURN, I want to be healthy and have kids one day im only 21 and it started when i was a teen... pllllssss HELP IF U KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS??? i have an appt in 3 days should i tell him to test me for anything specific???? PLEASE REPLY FAST thanks
hotbabekt891 responded:
Also wanted to add that it doesnt hurt when i pee or when i have sex or get a papsmear and they never gave me an ultra sound or any other exam besides the regular pelvic exam. ive been searching on the internet and the only things that come sort of close to this is urethritis, cystitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and vulvodynia. but im not sure because they all have a lot of symptoms that i dont have so please help me if you are sure you know!!! thanks
An_239648 responded:
Hi there, did you ever find out the reason behind this? Your comment has been the only thing I can find on the internet that comes close to relating to what I'm going through.
I have localised provoked vulvodynia, and was diagnosed two years ago. I'm about to have a vestibulectomy as no treatments have worked for me.
In the last month or so, what was a small infrequent irritation/stiffness/discomfort in my urethra, has now turned in to a stabbing unbearable pain that restricts me from most things- sitting, walking, exercising. But it mainly has to be provoked by some kind of rubbing or movement in the area.

I don't understand why it has become such a huge issue recently- it was a very small issue that I related my vulvodynia up until now, but now I'm starting to get concerned. I get anxious that I will somehow provoke it and then be in pain for the next few days. It's making me cry everyday because I am desperate to know what is going on!

My vulvodynia specialist/surgeon is also a gynaelogical oncologist, and she wanted to biopsy the area as she doesn't know what is going on either. I'm not fully convinced it is related to my vulvodynia anymore- I have been working hard on muscle control and releasing tension, and this seems like a step backwards! I sincerely hope it isn't urethral cancer.

My specialist is currently away on holiday and no other doctor seems to know what to do. THIS HURTS and I am DESPERATE. I would love to know if you have found a solution to the pain.
utiproblems responded:
I suffered from uti's for many years and tried everything out there, am resistant to most antibiotics now and then I discovered that taking 6000 - 8000 mg if vitamin C with rosehips daily has cleaned out my urinary tract within a few days to the point of having had a white discharge that is now gone and everything feels healthy again the way it use to before I kept getting all these uti's. I heard years ago that drinking lemon juice daily would do this but for me that wasn't enough and the vit. c in large doses is doing it. I was praying for a natural solution and sofar have not had another uti. I have been on a 4000 mg a day maintenance dose after the intial 1 week high dose. It can cause diarrhia but one can take something for that untill you get to a lower dose.

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