losing virginity after menopause
Noelle1963 posted:
I am 46 years old and a virgin. I went through menopause at age 42. I have always been afraid that sex would be painful. Now that I've gone through menopause, I'm really afraid. I know that after menopause the body goes through changes that can cause painful sex for women who are not virgins. If its hurts women who have been sexually active, I wonder what it would be like for someone who is a virgin. I'm afraid that if I lose my virginity now that I've gone through menopause, it will be extremely painful. Is there anything that can be done medically to keep it from being painful? I'm wondering if I should just forget about ever having a sexual relationship because of the possiblity of pain. Thank you, Noelle
4oSomething responded:
yes you could start a prescription for vaginal estrogen at least a few weeks before you start having sex. estrogen reverses vaginal dryness and atrophy brought on by menopause.