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    Includes Expert Content
    I'm fat because of my thyroid
    springmorgan posted:
    I am 5' 5 1/2" and weight 204. My present BMI is 34. It came down from 36. Before being diagnosed with a thyroid problem in 1996, I was a slim, active 150 pounds.
    I have an under-active thyroid. I was diagnosed with this condition in 1996. I do all the right stuff and I'm still fat.

    Today, I walked 90 minutes, with my 4 dogs, and mowed the lawn for 90 minutes. I do this once a week. Four to six other days of the week, I walk the same 90 minutes each day. This doesn't include the 4 or more miles a day I walk at my job, at a theme park 5 days a week.

    I do all the right stuff and I'm still fat. I have tried supplements, but they either disrupted my system or made me fatter. Strange I know. I topped the supplement and went back to my present weight.

    It is so frustrating with this weight problem. I am on Levo-thyrozin. It is supposed to stabilize my thyroid. Why can I not lose the weight. I eat between 1600-2000 pounds a day, light eater, for the amount of exercise I do. I eat low to medium carbs and a medium protein diet. I rarely eat fried foods or go to fast food restaurants. I get 3-6 services a day of fruits and veggies.

    Ca nanyone relate to this problem? Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks.
    Poisongirl98 responded:
    I have hypothryoidism too and EVERYTHING I have read about it says it does not cause a significant weight gain, but can make losing weight difficult. I gained a little bit of weight but I could also have attributed that to my lifestyle. When I started my levothyroxin, though, it made losing weight easier. Have you had your thyroid levels/TSH tested recently? You could actually be eating too little for the amount of activity you do, so your metabolism has slowed down and your body is holding on to the fat.
    georgiagail replied to Poisongirl98's response:
    Depending on your age, 1600 to 2000 kcalories is likely enough to meet your energy requirements but too much to cause a decrease in weight. You also might want to consider some more vigorous exercise than walking. While aerobic exercise such as walking is good for the heart, a weight loss program typically needs both muscle building and aerobic exercise to be successful.

    An_195574 replied to Poisongirl98's response:
    I agree with Poisongirl about your body holding on to fat thinking that you are trying to strave it. It happened to me.

    You need to print out your post and show it to your doctor the next time you see him/she and get their opinion.
    georgiagail replied to An_195574's response:
    An intake of 1600-2000 kcalories per day is hardly a starvation diet. Sounds like her diet is quite balanced also with protein, fruits and vegetables.

    beanie_gene responded:
    I had thyroid cancer in 1996. So I have no thyroid and am on Synthroid. My weight has gone from 160 as a junior in highschool to over 250 right after I got married. Very frustrating. I have done no carbs, and seems to help, but when I start eating the carbs again, I balloon up.

    I have a great primary care doctor that really worked with my dosage, and was aggressive with it. She finally got the right amount, and the weight slowly started to come off, with me wathching and journaling everything I ate and drank. Learned that from Weight Watchers.

    My suggestion is to have your doctor check your levels at least twice a year and adjust the dosage. Maybe switch to synthroid instead of the levo-thyrozin. My doctor switched me to it, and I did much better. My doctor also believes that the generic form (levothyrozin) does not work as good as synthroid. Levothyrozin is such and old drug, before the FDA had them prove that generic workded the same as the regular ones. My docotor told me that is the only drug that she recommends not to go generic.

    The other suggestion is drink more water. And journal everything that goes in your mouth. Including liquids and solids. Eat smaller meals throughout the day.

    Hope this helps. I know it is very frustrating,
    sheila565 responded:
    WOW, your story is a lot like mine. I started on Levothyroxin in 1995. Long term levothyroxin leads to osteoporosis. So I switched to Synthroid .2 dosage. I like you gained this 40 pounds that I could not get rid of. My 16 yr old daughter is now on synthroid also. GUESS WHAT? I wasn't following the guidelines. You MUST take your thyroid med 1st thing in the morning with WATER, no grapefruit juice.(grapefruit juice renders your thyroid pill useless.) Also you cannot eat or drink for 2 hours after taking the med. I have lost 20 pounds since January 21st. My daughter followed the directions and I didn't know the directions had changed since 1995. I feel better and have more energy. I set my alarm for 2 hours early, take my pill and go back to sleep. Also you cannot take any other med at the same time as the thyroid pill. These few simple rules have changed my life. I hope this helps. Also, don't forget to eat lean protein every 3 hours, it also boosts your metabolism. Be sure your dr is ordering the additional T4 panel. Your dosage may need to be adjusted. My dosage stayed the same.

    To wrap it up. Take your pill 2 hours before eating or drinking in the morning. And the good news is I didn't increase exercise and I didn't decrease foods. I hope this helps. Please let me know how it goes......

    Sheila E
    sweetvanla replied to beanie_gene's response:
    Anything that you have been told about dieting to make you lose weight if you have a thyroid condition is not true. It doesn't matter if you eat six small meals a day, Atkins, Weight Watchers, or any other diet. If you have hypothyroidism I am sorry to report there really are no answers for weight loss. I gained 1.5 lbs for 5 years after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism on 100mg of synthroid. I have been to several endocrinologists and read much literature regarding dieting for your thyroid. Your thyroid affects every organ of your body and holds fat hostage while the rest of your body is drained of the nutrients that are needed to successfully lose weight. After switching doctors till I found someone who would be honest with me I was finally told the truth. There is no solution to weight loss with hypothyroidism. I have learned to accept myself the way I am and so have the 7 other people in my life who have also been diagnosed with this unfortunate disease.
    Aprilkitty responded:
    Yes, I have tried for years and tried everything. I get up at 3 a.m. every morning. Don't starve yourself....because I have decided that nothing helps. After 24 years of being porky, I give up. I run after a two year old grandbaby and sometimes don't eat dinner or very little and I maybe have lost 2 pounds. It is hopeless, i guess.
    jazabelle responded:
    This sounds just like me. Its so frustrating. I have been told my whole life what a beautiful woman I am, but cant lose this weight no matter what, my daughter has the same problem, we both weigh around 230. I know I probably take in less that 1,000 calories a day, the other day my friend said I could be so hot If I could just stay away from McDDonalds! I havnt ate a hamber in over 10 years on a weekday! Thats how regimend I am. I have had my trroid check 3 times and the results are negative. WHat could it be? False negatives maybe?
    Macykitty responded:
    I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid last October and since then have gained 20 lbs. I told my PCP that the levothyroxin was causing me to gain weight and she said that that was impossible, it should have just the opposite effect.
    I'm happy to read these comments because it vindicates me and I am so tired of feeling that it is my fault. Depressing.
    I hope someone comes up with an answer.
    I told my PCP to change the medication and she said once they start someone on a specific medication they don't want to change it.
    I told her I was going off it and she said I would really have a lot of problems then.
    Pajo7 responded:
    I have been battling this disease since 1990 and to no avail. I have been to the best endocrinologists, internist, obese clincs, Weight Watchers, etc. I was a small 113 and now am hitting 200lbs. I am beyond devastated. Hypothyroidism is now believed to be connected to heart disease (which I now have). Please continue to see your doctors, don't give up on anything! Female doctors are most compassionate (they don't think you're vain). Keep exercising even if you don't lose (I always have). I have been told by a holistic medicine doctor through a prominet hospital that there are indeed some people who just can't lose weight. Let's all on this page keep each other posted and supported and in prayer. Maybe someone will find something out and hit the jackpot! Keep the faith, girlfriends!!
    fweav responded:
    I had my thyroid nuked over 23 years ago. I was over-active at the time. I had lost 65 pounds when I got sick. Within 9 months of having the treatment, which they did 2 months after having a C-section, I gained 90 pounds. I have been fighting with it ever since. Get someone to check your adrenal glands. I was feeling very tired and worn out. Going on adrenal support has helped with the tiredness and given me back most of my energy. I am now underactive and have a regulated diet, but no weight loss. The only thing that seems to make a difference is lifting weights. It helps burn the fat as you increase muscle mass. I still weigh too much, but at least it is firmer. I also take Levo. Make sure your doctor is doing saliva tests along with the blood tests. The saliva is much more accurate.
    grace2joey responded:
    My daughters's Nefrologist told me to eat , Oatmeal in the morning, and boiled potatoes with chicken breast and GREEN vegetables. I did for more than 3 years , and in the first 5 months I lost 50 lbs. This year I've had a bit of trouble with my stomach, as soon as I stopped the diet, in less than a year I got all the weight back, planning on starting again, now that DR. found gallbladder prob. and took it out..
    Wishing luck to everyone who tries, NOT easy..
    grace2joey replied to grace2joey's response:
    also,, I don't exercise at all, to hard on sick legs.

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