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Not sure what is truely wrong with my body
stemnena posted:
So in April of this year I had kidney stone on my left side. Ever since then I have pains. About a month ago I had sharp pains on my right side from another kidney stone. I don't know if I even passed any of them. Everyone also told me you will feel them when you pass, the one time it did feel sandy but that was all. And ever since the last kidney stone my sides hurt. But now it both of my side every now and then, the come can go, but also everyday now. Every now and then I have lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, and just back pains. I went to the doctor he did a blood test (don't know what type of blood test, I know he was worried about my kidneys so I don't know if that is all he checked or not, they didn't tell me) they said it came back clean, that nothing showed up. I have been on Junel 1/20 for 2 years now. I have been on birth control since I have been 18 and I'm 25 now. My sister-in-law said something to me the other day that I didn't even think about. Every now and then my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex (no condom) but I never miss a pill and I'm always on time. I mean I take it off for that week to have my period and then take it at the same time everyday after that. I was wondering is it possible I could have ectopic pregnancy. I have been reading about it every since she said something and I mean I do have some of the symptoms but I have had no symptoms of early pregnancy. I'm suppose to have my period this week and I know it early yet, but I haven't gotten it yet. And yesterday I thought I was going to start but instead it was just a spot of blood and that was it. So could I be having a ectopic pregnancy or could it be just with my kidney stones? I'm asking on here first since I don't have health insurance and it cost a lot to go to the doctors. Thanks!!

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