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ovariancancer vs cervical cancer
svmomma1 posted:
Good afternoon, Could you please tell me the difference between ovarian and cervical cancer? Can you have one without the other, or what is the likelihood of developing the other after having either type of cancer? How fast does either cancer progress after it develops? My Dr. has given me the results from a ca125 test that was taken and the numbers are abnormal, we have discussed doing a total hysterectomy, he does not feel that I need to have the surgery right away, do to the fact that I do currently have fibroid and he says that could also increase the numbers in ca125 test and the mri and ultrasound showed a normal sized cyst. 2 years ago when we did the test it was 1 point above 35, but when my right ovary was removed due to the large cyst that was attached to it the cyst was found to be benign and no sign of cancer. I have a family trip planned in June with my two children and I am torn on whether I should wait until we get back,(like he said I could) or if I should go ahead and have the procedure done. What if it is cancer? I am just confused as to what to do. All I know is that on any given day I could in severe pain that wont go away. I am bleeding from a procedure that I just recently had and I have been told that it could take up to six weeks for it to stop and i have also been told that it may not stop were do I go from here? Can you give me any insight? Please!!
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear svmomma: One can certainly have cervical cancer without having an increased risk for ovarian cancer--and vice versa. Cervical cancer would have to ascend up through the uterus and tubes, or erode through thick tissue to get near the ovaries. Ovarian cancer would tend to spread through the abdomen well before impacting the cervix. Cervical cancer tends to be slow growing. The speed of ovarian cancer depends upon which cell type is involved. You GYN is correct, a mildly elevated CA 125 can arise from a uterine fibroid or numerous other GYN conditions which involve inflammation (eg pelvic infections, endometriosis). While I cannot tell you if there is cancer, if your GYN was very suspicious for that they would have you scheduled for surgery right away. It would seem that you are concerned about the possibility of sudden onset pain while you are on your trip. That is an important consideration. If that is likely to occur you might decide to defer the trip. Who wants to go to a strange hospital while on vacation? If you have an abdominal hysterectomy your recovery could take up to two months. Even if you had the surgery this week you may not feel good enough to do a long trip in early to mid June. Your own GYN, who has access to all your health information, is really in the best position to help you sort out the pros and cons of surgery schedules. If you do opt to defer surgery, hopefully the current bleeding will stop and you will have a vacation without sudden onset pain from the left ovary or fibroid. Yours, Jane
14roset responded:
Can anyone answer a question for me please, I had a hysterectomy about 14 years ago due to cancer found in my uterus, both my ovaries were left but had cysts. I should have gone back for check ups but didn't, is it possible to get ovarian cancer once the uterus is removed? For some months I've noticed abdominal swelling and pain, lower back ache, recently a bit of nausea. Then read an article about ovarian cancer and wondered if I should get tested. a reply would be appreciated.

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